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Who is running in 2021

Here you can see the 2021 NJ Primary Election candidates.

Several Party County Committees have postponed their elections.

If you are not sure of your district you can find your electoral information (Representatives, Candidates) here.
District   County   Office   Incumbent   Party
Slogan   Endorsement
7 candidates

LD28SenateQuadir SelbyDemNew Jersey Democratic Party 2021
FBFB106 Mill Rd Apt-Unit 7, Irvington, NJ, 07111
LD28SenateRonald Rice *DemRegular Democratic Organization
34 Sandford Place, Newark, NJ, 07106
LD28SenateFrank ContellaRepRegular Republican Organization
FB549 Bloomfield Ave, Nutley, NJ, 07110
LD28AssemblyCleopatra Tucker *DemRegular Democratic Organization
FBFBPo Box 826, Newark, NJ, 07101
LD28AssemblyRalph Caputo *DemRegular Democratic Organization
FBFB23 Yantacaw Pl, Nutley, NJ, 07110
LD28AssemblyAnthony D'AngeloRepRegular Republican Organization
267 16Th Ave, Newark, NJ, 07103
LD28AssemblyMonique HeadenRepRegular Republican Organization
148 Hansbury Ave, Newark, NJ, 07112

"Slogan" indicates the Primary election endorsement. For office spanning multiple counties, "slogans" can be multiple, here only the 2 major are shown.
* indicates incumbent candidate.
This service is purely for informational purpose, please ensure to review the official ballot that you receive from the county.