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Your Voting Districts, Representatives and Candidates

Providing an address or a name, you will be able to see voting districts, the representatives and the candidates running in the next elections.

This section is still in progress. More elected officials information is being loaded and 2020 candidates, for primaries and then general, will be loaded as the information become available.
The type and amount of information displayed can be expanded (for candidates usually there are address and contact information) as well as some evaluation/score and notes can be added.
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Street Number:
Street Name: Don't enter 'place type' like Street or Avenue or Place, you can use St, Pl, Av

Addresses are extracted from the voter list as of Dec 5th 2019, addresses of not registered voters are not in the database.
This service is purely for informational purpose, please ensure to review the official ballot that you receive from the county.

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