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Leonard Lance (R) has held this U.S. congressional seat since 2008, he won in 2016 against Peter Jacob (54% - 43%)
In the Primary Election of June 5th, 2018, the Democract candidates combined received almost 6,000 votes more than the Republican combined.
NJ 07 District has elected a Republican Representative since 1914 with the only exception of A. Maguire between 1975 and 1981

NJ 07 District has a total population of about 732K people and an estimated voting age population of 568K people (as of 2017)
51.3% with bachelor degree or higher; 71% White, 13% Hispanic, 9% Asian, 5% African American, 19% of foreign born; Median household income of $106,896

2016 Presidential Results
Clinton: 181K (49%) - Trump: 176K (48%) [Hillary won by 4K votes)

2016 House Results
Jacob (D): 148K (43%) - Lance (R): 186K (54%) - Other: 10K (3%)
Lance won by 38K votes, 32K people voted for Hillary but not for Peter Jacob
In 2014 (last midterm election) Lance obtained 104K votes

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Counties and Municipalities in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

For the 113th and successive Congresses (based on redistricting following the 2010 United States Census), the congressional district contains portions of six counties and 74 municipalities.

Essex County

Hunterdon County

Morris County

Somerset County

Union County

Warren County

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Additional Information and Statistics about New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

Charts above based on 2017 data


Census with many demographic and socio-economic details

The turnout for the 2018 midterm primaries was the highest in years, with Democrats showing up at the polls in greater numbers that Republicans in most congressional districts

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