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Welcome to Blue Compass website

Have you ever found yourself wondering about past and future New Jersey elections?

Our Democracy is only as good as we voters and activists are informed of who has governed, who is running, how our districts have voted, how many voters there are in a district and so on.
Thus, being able to navigate within the vaste realm of electoral data, being able to analyze and visualize the available data is very important for voters, activists and candidates.

Blue Compass website provides aggregation, drill-down analysis and visualization of a few past elections in selected NJ districts, counties, towns and precinct.
All the data throught this website comes from public data either from the NJ State or County Elections offices.

Our initial focus has been on NJ07 2018 Congressional Elections and then we worked on a few NJ Legislative Districts to support the 2019 NJ Assembly Elections as well as other local elections.
We also collected many pictures of the political activities that fueled the NJ 2018 Blue Wave!

After we focused on the important 2020 Federal elections and the 2021 NJ elections now we are focusing on the 2022 Federal elections.

Most people know that because the absurd Presidential Election mechanism of the Electoral College (all except four states award all their Electoral Colleges to the party that win even by one vote), the 14 New Jersey Electoral Colleges will very very likely go all to the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Thus, BlueCompass will not cover the Presidential election, there is anyway more than enough work to follow and inform about the New Jersey other elections.

In 2020 NJ will elect 12 Representatives and one Senator to send to the Federal Congress. Plus most of the 21 NJ Counties are electing a few Freeholders and some are electing Clerks and Sheriffs.

Some NJ Counties are also electing the members of the Democratic Party County Committees and BlueCompass considers these elections important as one of the direct democracy pillar.

BlueCompass also advocates for fairer Democratic Party primary elections where ballot access is encouraged, not hindered and where the party (and County Clerks) don't use the misleading ballor design of "the line".

We are very open to assist with more details as well as other districts nationwide.
With your interest and help we believe we can do some part in improving American democracy.
If you are interested in retrieving/using the data displayed on BlueCompass you can test our API.