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NJ Legislative Districts

This section of the website provide detailed information on the New Jersey Legistlative Districts.

In a fairly automatic way you can see the voter registrations statistics for a few NJ Legislative Districts.

LD01 LD02 LD03 LD04 LD05 LD06 LD07 LD08 LD09 LD10 LD11 LD12 LD13 LD14 LD15 LD16 LD17 LD18 LD19 LD20
LD21 LD22 LD23 LD24 LD25 LD26 LD27 LD28 LD29 LD30 LD31 LD32 LD33 LD34 LD35 LD36 LD37 LD38 LD39 LD40

For most districts we try to provide a bit of electoral and geographical context.
For some districts we are able to provide precinct level data on voter registrations and past elections.