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2021 State Legislature Election

This year New Jersey will elect the Governor and all the General Assembly and Senate members, see the current composition of the NJ Congress.

There are also a multitude of local elections: Most counties elect some of the Commissioners while some elect their County Clerk or Sheriff or Surrogate.
Three counties also elect their Democratic County Committee members, a role that we consider the main bridge between citizens and the political parties.

You can see the list of state and county offices candidates here.

Finally, there are many municipal elections (to council, committee, mayor seats) as well as school boards and other local elections.

On June 4th 2019 there will be primary elections (candidates filing deadline is 4/1/2019) and on November 5th 2019 there will be General Election (filing deadline is 6/4/2019).

NJ State Wide Voter Registrations Statistics

Election Timeline

NJ 2021 Elections Candidates
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When there will be interesting news on the main issues on NJ voters mind as well as polls forecasting this election we'll post them here.

High Level information on Legislative Districts

table of district with latest registrations, latest representation, forecast (we know which one are solid blue or red)