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This section of Blue Compass includes data after the 2020 redistricting

List of municipalities and their new districts

State Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren

Congressional Districts

NJ01 NJ02 NJ03 NJ04 NJ05 NJ06 NJ07 NJ08 NJ09 NJ10 NJ11 NJ12

Legislative Districts

LD01 LD02 LD03 LD04 LD05 LD06 LD07 LD08 LD09 LD10 LD11 LD12 LD13 LD14 LD15 LD16 LD17 LD18 LD19 LD20 LD21 LD22 LD23 LD24 LD25 LD26 LD27 LD28 LD29 LD30 LD31 LD32 LD33 LD34 LD35 LD36 LD37 LD38 LD39 LD40

Based on the 2020 Census results, each State went through changing the Legislative (for State elections) and Congressional (for Federal Congress [House] elections) districts boundaries to reapportion the correct amount of people (residents) in each district.
In New Jersey, the District Commission adopted the Democratic "map". It seems that the proponents (x Dem and x Rep) went further than add or remove a few towns or precincts from a district to include the required population, descending in the typical gerrymandering and favoring some districts (making likely to vote for their party) at the expenses of others.
From a point of view of this website that poses some challenges that we are still working out.

Thus, as of spring 2023 the work is still in progress to remap towns and precincts into their new districts and then trying to split or aggregate the old (before 2020) and new data according to the new districts.
The concept is that is not really relevant anymore how a town that in 2020 was in NJ07 but it isn't anymore in NJ07 has voted in 2022.

The building and maintenance of this website is always open for collaboration and so even how to aggregate/split the data can be a topic for discussion.

For now, the focus is on NJ07 Congressional district, we'll reorganize the information and the website better once we'll bring online data for more districts. You can also see the list of towns and their respective districts here.