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This section of the website wants to provide as many information as possible about (first) NJ elections.
By experience, NJ elections landscape isn't the most straighforward and transparent and that is obviously hindering a full democracy.

For example, NJ has State Legislature (Assembly and Senate) elections in odd years (while federal elections are in odd years), therefore in NJ we vote every year.

We provide electoral information like number of registrations and past elections results for NJ Congressional Districts and Legislative Districts, when possible at precint level (each town has several precinct).

Moreover, there are many lower level elections and not all are held on the federal or state general elections day.

County Committee elections (a cornerstone of the US Democracy) are held only during primary election day and on different cycles for different counties.
Municipal, school boards and other local elections are held every year across municipalities at different times.

We commit to cover at least the federal, state and county offices elections.
Next priority are the Democratic County Committee elections and at the most we can cover some municipal elections.

We'll attempt also to provide information on how to run for various offices ahead of time (open seats, number of signatures required).

The challenge with covering so many elections is that it involves a staggering numbers of candidates, the candidates information is handled by the counties which don't publish this information in a consistent manner (if at all).