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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: Michael SuleimanChair email:
Comm Email: info@atlanticdemocrats.comWebsite: https://www.atlanticdemocrats.com
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

303 rows retrieved
AtlanticAbsecon01Robert Preston
AtlanticAbsecon01Keith Bennett
AtlanticAbsecon02Stephanie Preston
AtlanticAbsecon03Elizabeth "Betty" Howell
AtlanticAbsecon04Donald Burroughs
AtlanticAbsecon04John Armstrong
AtlanticAbsecon05Patricia Dalton
AtlanticAbsecon06Kimberly Horton
AtlanticAtlantic City01Durwood Pinkett
AtlanticAtlantic City01Pamela Fields
AtlanticAtlantic City02Joseph Dixon
AtlanticAtlantic City02Germaine Harrison
AtlanticAtlantic City03LuQuay Zahir
AtlanticAtlantic City03Michele Kidd
AtlanticAtlantic City04Robert L. Johnson
AtlanticAtlantic City04Tatiana Moore
AtlanticAtlantic City05Marty Small, Sr.
AtlanticAtlantic City05La'Quetta Small
AtlanticAtlantic City06Edward Stephens
AtlanticAtlantic City06Dolores Callaway
AtlanticAtlantic City07Deon Garland
AtlanticAtlantic City07Erika Pinkett
AtlanticAtlantic City08Torres W. Mayfield
AtlanticAtlantic City08Toni Dixon
AtlanticAtlantic City09James Callaway
AtlanticAtlantic City09Ronnette Smith
AtlanticAtlantic City10C. Robert McDevitt
AtlanticAtlantic City10Laura Williams
AtlanticAtlantic City11Floyd Tally
AtlanticAtlantic City11Ramona Stephens-Callaway
AtlanticAtlantic City12Enestor Echevarria
AtlanticAtlantic City12Jannatun Naim
AtlanticAtlantic City13Steven L. Young
AtlanticAtlantic City13Sherry Elder
AtlanticAtlantic City14Scott Evans
AtlanticAtlantic City14Gwendolyn Lewis
AtlanticAtlantic City15Maharshi B. Patel
AtlanticAtlantic City15Chemon Ara
AtlanticAtlantic City16Sayed Kausar
AtlanticAtlantic City16Shirin A. Chowdhoury
AtlanticAtlantic City17Dhiman Paul
AtlanticAtlantic City17Amna Malik
AtlanticAtlantic City18MD Farook Hossain
AtlanticAtlantic City18Mossammat Rumana Akther
AtlanticAtlantic City19Abdur Rahman
AtlanticAtlantic City19Maureen Mahoney-Dunn
AtlanticAtlantic City20Emteaj Hossain
AtlanticAtlantic City20Afroza Parveen
AtlanticAtlantic City21John A. Devlin
AtlanticAtlantic City21Sybil Victor
AtlanticBrigantine01Domenic A. Pullella
AtlanticBrigantine01Dennis Faherty
AtlanticBrigantine02Robert Polillo
AtlanticBrigantine02Bernard P. Miles
AtlanticBrigantine03Marguerite M. McCarthy
AtlanticBrigantine03Mary Ann Kozack
AtlanticBrigantine04Maria D. Polillo
AtlanticBrigantine04Philamay West
AtlanticBuena Boro01VacantM
AtlanticBuena Boro01VacantF
AtlanticBuena Boro02David Lamando
AtlanticBuena Boro02VacantF
AtlanticBuena Vista Township01Frank Mosentoff
AtlanticBuena Vista Township01Cheryl Chiarello
AtlanticBuena Vista Township02Ken Taft
AtlanticBuena Vista Township02Mary Motter
AtlanticBuena Vista Township03Quentin McClendon
AtlanticBuena Vista Township03Ronnise White
AtlanticBuena Vista Township04John Williams
AtlanticBuena Vista Township04Alice Reiser
AtlanticCorbin City01VacantM
AtlanticCorbin City01VacantF
AtlanticEgg Harbor City01Walter R. Kienzle
AtlanticEgg Harbor City01Philip Adams, Jr.
AtlanticEgg Harbor City02Gerhard Mueller
AtlanticEgg Harbor City02Albert "Patrick" Moran, Jr.
AtlanticEgg Harbor City03Edward D. Dennis
AtlanticEgg Harbor City03Mason W. Wright, Jr.
AtlanticEgg Harbor City04Carol L. Kienzle
AtlanticEgg Harbor City04Milka "Grape" Adams
AtlanticEgg Harbor City05Hazel A. Mueller
AtlanticEgg Harbor City05Ina Duran
AtlanticEgg Harbor City06Stefania P. Kuehner
AtlanticEgg Harbor City06Donna M. Heist
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township01Michael C. Bibb
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township01Jay Steinen
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township02Solaiman Serneabad
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township02James Pesce
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township03Marquay L Cherry
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township03Vaughn C. Glapion
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township04Frederick A. Peek
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township04Kimberly Steinen
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township05Emily McGrath
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township05Nargis Serneabad
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township06Elizabeth Whitesell-Pesce
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township06Nadine M.V. Flynn
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township07Dale Goldfarb
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township07Lisa Wyman
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township08Crystal S. Mays
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township08Ashley Bennett
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township09Pete Castellano
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township09Michael Price
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township10Jonathan E. Diego
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township10Murray Blum
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township11Jeffrey A. White
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township11Willie F. Emanuel
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township12Conrad J. Weiler Jr.
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township12Troy E. Maven, Sr.
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township13Frank Rivera III
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township13Javier Soto
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township14Yolanda A. Cooper
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township14Margaretta Allen
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township15Tracy A Siebold
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township15Celeste Fernandez
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township16John Carlson
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township16James A Carney
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township17Mary K. Zeigenfus
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township17Nina Garrett
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township18Judith Coburn
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township18Jan Pinto Miller
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township19Cassandra Montague
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township19Susan Swezeny
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township20VacantM
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township20VacantM
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township21VacantM
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township21Brenda Brathwaite
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township22Lisa March
AtlanticEgg Harbor Township22Rachel Bussel
AtlanticEstell Manor01Rodney Olsen
AtlanticEstell Manor01Helen Giercyk
AtlanticGalloway Township01Walead Abdrabouh
AtlanticGalloway Township01Harunor Bhuiyan
AtlanticGalloway Township02Richard Goldberg
AtlanticGalloway Township02James Gorman
AtlanticGalloway Township03Wayne Lewis
AtlanticGalloway Township03James McElwee
AtlanticGalloway Township04Michael Suleiman
AtlanticGalloway Township04Lauryann Diaz
AtlanticGalloway Township05Luella Franklin
AtlanticGalloway Township05Erin Gorman
AtlanticGalloway Township06Patricia Gorman
AtlanticGalloway Township06Donna Henry
AtlanticGalloway Township07Lorraine Suleiman
AtlanticGalloway Township07Joann Spencer
AtlanticGalloway Township08Marco Barrios
AtlanticGalloway Township08Mark Link
AtlanticGalloway Township09Clifford Low
AtlanticGalloway Township09Frank Mahoney
AtlanticGalloway Township10John Mooney
AtlanticGalloway Township10Walter Pino
AtlanticGalloway Township11Jaime Sanchez
AtlanticGalloway Township11Frank Santo
AtlanticGalloway Township12Jerry Savell
AtlanticGalloway Township12Dennis Walsh
AtlanticGalloway Township13Carmen Barrios
AtlanticGalloway Township13Debra Silver
AtlanticGalloway Township14Elizabeth Egan
AtlanticGalloway Township14Maria Lozada-Low
AtlanticGalloway Township15Nancy Mooney
AtlanticGalloway Township15Sherri Parmenter
AtlanticGalloway Township16Joyce Pratt
AtlanticGalloway Township16Stephanie Sanchez
AtlanticGalloway Township17Rosanne Weiss
AtlanticGalloway Township17Margaret Worthington
AtlanticHamilton Township01Robert J. Campbell
AtlanticHamilton Township01James Link
AtlanticHamilton Township02William Beyers
AtlanticHamilton Township02Melvin Williams
AtlanticHamilton Township03Dwight Melton
AtlanticHamilton Township03Lawrence Washington
AtlanticHamilton Township04Rodney Guishard
AtlanticHamilton Township04David Allmond
AtlanticHamilton Township05Daniel Jackson
AtlanticHamilton Township05John DeWitt
AtlanticHamilton Township06Felix Perez
AtlanticHamilton Township06Neil Richmond
AtlanticHamilton Township07Joseph Hinchey
AtlanticHamilton Township07Nancy Galimi
AtlanticHamilton Township08Judith Link
AtlanticHamilton Township08Janice Beyers
AtlanticHamilton Township09Ethel Gaylord
AtlanticHamilton Township09Kim Melton
AtlanticHamilton Township10Kari Spodofora
AtlanticHamilton Township10Helen Guishard
AtlanticHamilton Township11Yvonne Allmond
AtlanticHamilton Township11Thelma Witherspoon
AtlanticHamilton Township12Barbara Nelson
AtlanticHamilton Township12Lynette Morales
AtlanticHamilton Township13Donna Micchelli
AtlanticHamilton Township13Terasa Hinchey
AtlanticHammonton01Dennis Hill
AtlanticHammonton01Nick Polito
AtlanticHammonton02Jim Schroeder III
AtlanticHammonton02Anthony Angelozzi
AtlanticHammonton03Theresa Caruso Cafiso
AtlanticHammonton03Rosemary Hill
AtlanticHammonton04Erica Polito
AtlanticHammonton04James F Scarpato
AtlanticHammonton05Michael J Scarpato II
AtlanticHammonton05Patricia A Provnick
AtlanticHammonton06Pauline Caruso
AtlanticLinwood01Christopher Calvi
AtlanticLinwood01Ronald S. Ruff
AtlanticLinwood02Benjamin H. Albert
AtlanticLinwood02Edward P. McGettigan
AtlanticLinwood03Elliot Almanza
AtlanticLinwood03Eva Smith
AtlanticLinwood04Caren Fitzpatrick
AtlanticLinwood04Jaime Costello
AtlanticLinwood05Jennifer Willis-Lal
AtlanticLinwood05Renee Fontana
AtlanticLongport06Nicholas M. Russo
AtlanticMargate01Colin Bell
AtlanticMargate01Jacob Perskie
AtlanticMargate02Richard Goukler
AtlanticMargate02Justin Abate
AtlanticMargate03Mary Marple Slomine
AtlanticMargate03Johanna Perskie
AtlanticMargate04Linda Goukler
AtlanticMargate04Elizabeth J Duquette
AtlanticMullica Township01Ernest A. Aponte
AtlanticMullica Township01Joseph West
AtlanticMullica Township02Lou Critelli
AtlanticMullica Township02Nellie M. Rivera-Aponte
AtlanticMullica Township03Barbara Rheault
AtlanticMullica Township03Elizabeth Schroeder Buonsante
AtlanticNorthfield01Frank Perri Jr.
AtlanticNorthfield01Steven Scheffler
AtlanticNorthfield02Peter M. DiCiano
AtlanticNorthfield02Paul Utts
AtlanticNorthfield03Vince Mazzeo
AtlanticNorthfield03Eric Scheffler
AtlanticNorthfield04Rodney Helms
AtlanticNorthfield04Richard DiCriscio II
AtlanticNorthfield05Susan M. Korngut
AtlanticNorthfield05Eileen F. Toland
AtlanticNorthfield06Helen Utts
AtlanticNorthfield06Gerri Mazzeo
AtlanticNorthfield07Maria Scheffler
AtlanticNorthfield07Sandra Russo
AtlanticNorthfield08Barbara A. Madden
AtlanticNorthfield08Jennifer Toland
AtlanticPleasantville01Stanley C. Swan, Jr.
AtlanticPleasantville01Lawrence "Tony" Davenport
AtlanticPleasantville02Richard Norris
AtlanticPleasantville02Patricia D. King
AtlanticPleasantville03Hattie Newby
AtlanticPleasantville03Kristine C. Swan
AtlanticPleasantville04Bernice "Sandy" Couch
AtlanticPleasantville04Douglas D. Harmon
AtlanticPleasantville05William Ward
AtlanticPleasantville05Lawrence L. Stroud
AtlanticPleasantville06Irma Curry
AtlanticPleasantville06Maxine R. Christmas
AtlanticPleasantville07Vivian Lockett
AtlanticPleasantville07Beryl Tweedle
AtlanticPleasantville08William D. Hudgins
AtlanticPleasantville08Carla Thomas
AtlanticPleasantville09Shakir Bishop
AtlanticPort Republic01James E. Schroeder
AtlanticPort Republic01Beverly Schroeder
AtlanticPort Republic0202VacantM
AtlanticPort Republic0202VacantF
AtlanticSomers Point01Carl D'Adamo
AtlanticSomers Point01Charles Carney
AtlanticSomers Point02James Almond
AtlanticSomers Point02James McGettigan
AtlanticSomers Point03Joe Kreisman
AtlanticSomers Point03John DiMaria
AtlanticSomers Point04Phillip DeVito
AtlanticSomers Point04Vasilios Adamakos
AtlanticSomers Point05Charlotte Carney
AtlanticSomers Point05Debbie Wallace
AtlanticSomers Point06Genevieve DeVito
AtlanticSomers Point06Patricia McGettigan
AtlanticSomers Point07Robin D'Adamo
AtlanticSomers Point07Susan Slaughter
AtlanticSomers Point08VacantF
AtlanticSomers Point08VacantF
AtlanticVentnor01Abdur Rafiq
AtlanticVentnor01Anthony Morgano
AtlanticVentnor02Hank Marcus
AtlanticVentnor02Bard L. Shober
AtlanticVentnor03David Livingston
AtlanticVentnor03Israth Jahan
AtlanticVentnor04Maureen Leidy
AtlanticVentnor04Cassandra Shober
AtlanticVentnor05Melissa Davis
AtlanticVentnor05Patricia B. Mulligan
AtlanticWeymouth01Edward J. Mihaly
AtlanticWeymouth01Patricia Doerr
AtlanticWeymouth02Dennis M. Doyle
AtlanticWeymouth02Patricia Weachter