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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: Arlene Quinones PerezChair email: arleneqperez@gmail.com
Comm Email: arleneqperezesq@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.hcdems.com
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

235 rows retrieved
HunterdonAlexandria Township01Susan M BlubaughCC/MCF
HunterdonAlexandria Township01Arlene PerezCCF
HunterdonAlexandria Township02Christine FlaccaventoCCF
HunterdonAlexandria Township02Paige L LivingstonCCF
HunterdonAlexandria Township03Vacant
HunterdonAlexandria Township04Lisa EngelhardtCCF
HunterdonAlexandria Township04Linda HagonCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township01Barbara CochraneCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township01Marisa B TrofimovCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township02Elizabeth B ColacinoMCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township02Cynthia B MacgonagleCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township02Margaret NavitskiCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township03Theresa K ConoverCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township03Roann GreenCCF
HunterdonBethlehem Township04Vacant
HunterdonBethlehem Township04Styra J EisingerCCF
HunterdonBloomsbury Borough01Vacant
HunterdonBloomsbury Borough01Sheila S AlwayCCF
HunterdonCalifon Borough01Charles J DanielCCM
HunterdonCalifon Borough01Cathy SmithCC/MCF
HunterdonClinton Town01Nancie J GreaneyCCF
HunterdonClinton Town01Rielly A KarshCC/MCF
HunterdonClinton Town02Megan L JohnsonCCF
HunterdonClinton Town02Janice L KovachCCF
HunterdonClinton Township01Mark FresoloneCCM
HunterdonClinton Township01Vicki FresoloneMCF
HunterdonClinton Township02Denise ParkanyiCCF
HunterdonClinton Township02Robert ParkanyiCCM
HunterdonClinton Township03Carol Cathcart JohnsonCCF
HunterdonClinton Township03Grace A LaudatoCCF
HunterdonClinton Township04Michael D HoustonCCM
HunterdonClinton Township04Kira T LawrenceCCF
HunterdonClinton Township05Vacant
HunterdonClinton Township05Pauline K JaffeCCF
HunterdonClinton Township06Vacant
HunterdonClinton Township06Frederick H MillerCCM
HunterdonClinton Township07Andrew J ClarkeCCM
HunterdonClinton Township07Dana B CunninghamCCF
HunterdonClinton Township08Vacant
HunterdonClinton Township08Vacant
HunterdonClinton Township09Linda Y KennedyCCF
HunterdonClinton Township09Vacant
HunterdonClinton Township10Kristina MaiwaldtCCF
HunterdonClinton Township10Phillip G TragerCCM
HunterdonClinton Township11Michael S MccallCCM
HunterdonClinton Township11Ellen L Mintz LennickCCF
HunterdonClinton Township12Tonya F MckinleyCCF
HunterdonClinton Township12Arne E OlsenCCM
HunterdonDelaware Township01Vacant
HunterdonDelaware Township01Matthew B BaldwinCCM
HunterdonDelaware Township02Ann LawrenceCCN
HunterdonDelaware Township02Paul R LawrenceCCN
HunterdonDelaware Township03Vacant
HunterdonDelaware Township03Vacant
HunterdonDelaware Township04Mia Delaney ThompsonCCF
HunterdonDelaware Township04Samuel H ThompsonCCM
HunterdonDelaware Township05Cullen A McauliffeCC/MCM
HunterdonDelaware Township05Kristin MccarthyCCF
HunterdonEast Amwell Township01Eda C SchmalzCCF
HunterdonEast Amwell Township01James B SchmalzCCM
HunterdonEast Amwell Township02Kendra K SchroederCCM
HunterdonEast Amwell Township02Robert R WolfeCCN
HunterdonEast Amwell Township03Paul CarluccioCCM
HunterdonEast Amwell Township03Valerie L SandsCCF
HunterdonEast Amwell Township04John BuckwalterCCM
HunterdonEast Amwell Township04Beverly EntinCCF
HunterdonEast Amwell Township05Julia D PurtillCCF
HunterdonEast Amwell Township05Charles VanhornCC/MCM
HunterdonFlemington Borough01Karen Estelle GiffenCC/MCF
HunterdonFlemington Borough01Malik J JohnstonCCM
HunterdonFlemington Borough02Vacant
HunterdonFlemington Borough02Elizabeth M RosettiCCF
HunterdonFlemington Borough03Jeffrey P DoshnaCCM
HunterdonFlemington Borough03Adrienne E FusaroCCF
HunterdonFranklin Township01John A ThonetCCM
HunterdonFranklin Township01Kathi ThonetCCF
HunterdonFranklin Township02David L RosenblumCCM
HunterdonFranklin Township02Savet RosenblumCCF
HunterdonFranklin Township03Carol LulingCC/MCF
HunterdonFranklin Township03Yvonne M ShepardCCF
HunterdonFrenchtown Borough01Adam LiebtagCCM
HunterdonFrenchtown Borough01Michele LiebtagCC/MCF
HunterdonGlen Gardner Borough01Vacant
HunterdonGlen Gardner Borough01John B ObrienCCN
HunterdonHampton Borough01Elizabeth DiltsCCF
HunterdonHampton Borough01Stephen T DiltsCCM
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough01Leah R EpsteinCCF
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough01Frederick L Ferry Jr.MCM
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough01Joseph F SuozzoCCM
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough02Michael W DarmstadtCCN
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough02Michelle S HoffmannCCN
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough03Leigh A MooreCCF
HunterdonHigh Bridge Borough03Peter K SchutzCCM
HunterdonHolland Township01Susan FleisherCCF
HunterdonHolland Township01Christopher G MeyersCCM
HunterdonHolland Township02Vacant
HunterdonHolland Township02Sandra J HowellCCF
HunterdonHolland Township03Maryanne CowenCC/MCF
HunterdonHolland Township03Marlene G MillerCCF
HunterdonHolland Township04Vacant
HunterdonHolland Township04Lisa M SheeleyCCN
HunterdonHolland Township05Vacant
HunterdonHolland Township05Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township01Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township01Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township02Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township02Frank D MurrayCCM
HunterdonKingwood Township03Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township03Vacant
HunterdonKingwood Township04Stuart H FreedenfeldCC/MCM
HunterdonKingwood Township04Donald F MillerCCM
HunterdonLambertville01Janine MacgregorCCF
HunterdonLambertville01Pasquale J PittoreCCM
HunterdonLambertville02Mark F DonlonCCM
HunterdonLambertville02Karen J KominskyCCF
HunterdonLambertville03Meagan E WarnerCCN
HunterdonLambertville03Rhett A WarnerCCM
HunterdonLambertville04Timothy J KorzunCCM
HunterdonLambertville04Helen Thorne KuhlCCF
HunterdonLambertville04Derek A RosemanMCM
HunterdonLebanon Borough01Christopher G UchrinCCM
HunterdonLebanon Borough01Benedict F ValliereCC/MCM
HunterdonLebanon Township01Ella Rue-EyetCCF
HunterdonLebanon Township01Lorrenda SherrerCCF
HunterdonLebanon Township02Vacant
HunterdonLebanon Township02Vacant
HunterdonLebanon Township03Nancy MacaulayCCM
HunterdonLebanon Township03Lenora PuglieseCCF
HunterdonLebanon Township04Jaclyn Marie DamianoCCF
HunterdonLebanon Township04Gladys J MedinaCCF
HunterdonLebanon Township05Joyce LeftlyCC/MCF
HunterdonLebanon Township05Stephen C LeftlyCCM
HunterdonLebanon Township06Jonathan OlsonCCM
HunterdonLebanon Township06Nini OlsonCCF
HunterdonMilford Borough01Charlene WhiteCCF
HunterdonMilford Borough01Robert E WhiteCC/MCM
HunterdonRaritan Township01Joseph M ZarishCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township01Lois Ann ZarishCC/MCF
HunterdonRaritan Township02Linda J KingCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township02Marianne S RampullaCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township03Deborah GichanCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township03John E MackayCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township04Scott D CohenCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township04Nancy S RushtonCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township05Lynne A McclintockCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township05Dominick PuzioCCN
HunterdonRaritan Township06Dorothy J DawoodCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township06Zikar Y DawoodCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township07Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township07Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township08Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township08Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township09Beatrice B AbramsCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township09Larry S AbramsCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township10Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township10Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township11Michael K DrulisCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township11Mitchelle DrulisCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township12Catherine A EbersteinCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township12Robert F GeremiaCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township13Daniel J SilagiCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township13Grace E SilagiCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township14Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township14Joyce L SantosCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township15Joanne GardnerCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township15Barbara A SimoncelliCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township16Raina Ann FilipiakCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township16Kyle C GardnerCCN
HunterdonRaritan Township17Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township17Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township18Helen M Dowkontt-RichardCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township18Robert B RichardCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township19Dolores M FogartyCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township19Gerald T FogartyCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township20Patricia L ParisanoCCF
HunterdonRaritan Township20Harold QuinnCCM
HunterdonRaritan Township21Vacant
HunterdonRaritan Township21Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township01Alan L HarwickMCM
HunterdonReadington Township01Angel L VorwickCCF
HunterdonReadington Township01Timothy J VorwickCCM
HunterdonReadington Township02Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township02Ryan E RusinskiCCM
HunterdonReadington Township03Denise J EsakoffCCF
HunterdonReadington Township03Mark F PomykaczCCM
HunterdonReadington Township04Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township04Susan E HylandCCF
HunterdonReadington Township05Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township05Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township06Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township06Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township07Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township07Karen R BuysCCF
HunterdonReadington Township08Lynn E TroganiCCF
HunterdonReadington Township08Christine M VanheckeCCF
HunterdonReadington Township09Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township09Harvey L BaronCCM
HunterdonReadington Township10Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township10Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township11Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township11Patrick D HellerCCM
HunterdonReadington Township12Wendy J BeyerCCF
HunterdonReadington Township12Michele A DamicoCCN
HunterdonReadington Township13Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township13Rene L RaoCCF
HunterdonReadington Township14Gordon D SellCCM
HunterdonReadington Township14Bruce A WilliamsCCM
HunterdonReadington Township15Marvin C FieldsCCM
HunterdonReadington Township15Elizabeth N FioreCCF
HunterdonReadington Township16Vacant
HunterdonReadington Township16Marlene M OrlandiCCF
HunterdonStockton Borough01Vacant
HunterdonStockton Borough01Kerry L FrabizioCC/MCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township01Catherine H LenskiCCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township01Brian Thomas ReganCCM
HunterdonTewksbury Township02Kelly S Mckinney-BrakewoodCC/MCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township02William K SimonCCM
HunterdonTewksbury Township03Liza DarmstadtCCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township03Steven D RobinsonCCM
HunterdonTewksbury Township04Deborah HuberCCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township04Kenneth ShortCCM
HunterdonTewksbury Township05Sharon JungCCF
HunterdonTewksbury Township05Nicholas SchatzkiCCM
HunterdonUnion Township01Lauren A Barry GroberCC/MCF
HunterdonUnion Township01Susan A DenegreCCF
HunterdonUnion Township02Bryna A ElderCCN
HunterdonUnion Township02Christina RussonielloCCF
HunterdonUnion Township03Amelia S LamondeCCF
HunterdonUnion Township03Mary Elva SmockCCF
HunterdonUnion Township04Cindy Monette BarterCCF
HunterdonUnion Township04Neil C GillespieCCM
HunterdonWest Amwell Township01Patricia Ann MastersonCC/MCF
HunterdonWest Amwell Township01Eric E RichardCCM
HunterdonWest Amwell Township02William J CorboyCCM
HunterdonWest Amwell Township02Virginia L Kennedy-CorboyCCF