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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: Janice MironovChair email:
Comm Email: jsalvatoremcdc@gmail.comWebsite: https://mercerdemocrats.com
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

498 rows retrieved
MercerCity Of Trenton - East01Gilbert Bell
MercerCity Of Trenton - East01Vivian Lartigue-Morton
MercerCity Of Trenton - East02Jamal Williams-Downing
MercerCity Of Trenton - East02Sandra Counts
MercerCity Of Trenton - East03Richard Palamore
MercerCity Of Trenton - East03Blanca Ohler
MercerCity Of Trenton - East04Harry Chapman
MercerCity Of Trenton - East04Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - East05Elvin Montero
MercerCity Of Trenton - East05Seth Levin
MercerCity Of Trenton - East06Chante Lewis
MercerCity Of Trenton - East06Ophelia May Adderley
MercerCity Of Trenton - East07Jeffery Laurenti
MercerCity Of Trenton - East07Yuki Laurenti
MercerCity Of Trenton - East08David Ponton Jr.
MercerCity Of Trenton - East08Taiwanda Terry-Wilson
MercerCity Of Trenton - East09Eric E. Jackson
MercerCity Of Trenton - East09Deniece Jackson
MercerCity Of Trenton - NorthRaissa WalkerChair
MercerCity Of Trenton - North01Tamiko Green
MercerCity Of Trenton - North01Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North02Lenner Basnight
MercerCity Of Trenton - North02Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North03Jose M. Rivera
MercerCity Of Trenton - North03Kerry Q. Mitchell
MercerCity Of Trenton - North04Augustus Bobbitt
MercerCity Of Trenton - North04Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North05Gary Patterson
MercerCity Of Trenton - North05Crystal Feliciano
MercerCity Of Trenton - North06Terry West
MercerCity Of Trenton - North06Margaret Caldwell-Wilson
MercerCity Of Trenton - North07Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North07Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North08Roland Pott
MercerCity Of Trenton - North08Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North09Walker M. Worthy Jr.
MercerCity Of Trenton - North09Merkle Cherry Jr.
MercerCity Of Trenton - North10Donald Mcbride
MercerCity Of Trenton - North10Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - North11Algernon Ward
MercerCity Of Trenton - North11Debbie Parks
MercerCity Of Trenton - North12Beverly Queen
MercerCity Of Trenton - North12Ella Payton
MercerCity Of Trenton - South01Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - South01Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - South02Walter E. Motchnik
MercerCity Of Trenton - South02Lysandra Montero
MercerCity Of Trenton - South03David Chiacchio
MercerCity Of Trenton - South03Anne Labate
MercerCity Of Trenton - South04Darren Greene
MercerCity Of Trenton - South04Narvis Patterson
MercerCity Of Trenton - South05Cinthia Gonzalez
MercerCity Of Trenton - South05Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - South06Damian G. Malave
MercerCity Of Trenton - South06Felita A. Colon
MercerCity Of Trenton - South07Elizabeth James
MercerCity Of Trenton - South07Rachel Frink
MercerCity Of Trenton - South08Joseph Severino
MercerCity Of Trenton - South08Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - South09Lindiwe Ashton
MercerCity Of Trenton - South09Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - West01Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer
MercerCity Of Trenton - West01Sheritta Y. Palin
MercerCity Of Trenton - West02Tracy R. Heading
MercerCity Of Trenton - West02Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - West03Douglas M. Hughes
MercerCity Of Trenton - West03Kayra Melvin
MercerCity Of Trenton - West04Theodore Lee Jr.
MercerCity Of Trenton - West04Kendra Lee
MercerCity Of Trenton - West05Annette H. Lartigue
MercerCity Of Trenton - West05Candi M. Staton
MercerCity Of Trenton - West06Jermaine Lee
MercerCity Of Trenton - West06Alana Burman
MercerCity Of Trenton - West07Zachary Chester
MercerCity Of Trenton - West07Shirley Walker
MercerCity Of Trenton - West08Amini Sababu
MercerCity Of Trenton - West08Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - West09Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - West09Vacant
MercerCity Of Trenton - West10Ricky White
MercerCity Of Trenton - West10Raissa L. Walker
MercerCity Of Trenton - West11John C. Raines
MercerCity Of Trenton - West11Cynthia Fulmore
MercerCity Of Trenton - West12Fletcher King
MercerCity Of Trenton - West12Margaret Martin
MercerCity Of Trenton - West13Duncan Harrison
MercerCity Of Trenton - West13Jessie Tossie
MercerCity Of Trenton - West14Princess Hoagland
MercerCity Of Trenton - West14Edward Hill
MercerCity Of Trenton - West15David Rodriguez
MercerCity Of Trenton - West15Migdalia Rodriguez
MercerCity Of Trenton - West16Kenny Hill
MercerCity Of Trenton - West16Sam Jennings
MercerEast Windsor TownshipJanice S. MironovChair
MercerEast Windsor Township01Steven A. Kurs
MercerEast Windsor Township01Laurie S. Kurs
MercerEast Windsor Township02Simon Berman
MercerEast Windsor Township02Matthew N. Kohut
MercerEast Windsor Township03David Russell
MercerEast Windsor Township03Antoinette S. Hopkins
MercerEast Windsor Township04Douglas M. Greene
MercerEast Windsor Township04Janice S. Mironov
MercerEast Windsor Township05Robert Laverty
MercerEast Windsor Township05Annette Lippman
MercerEast Windsor Township06Shaila Vidvans
MercerEast Windsor Township06Vacant
MercerEast Windsor Township07Leonard J. Millner
MercerEast Windsor Township07Rita R. Millner
MercerEast Windsor Township08Michael Bailey
MercerEast Windsor Township08Linda Moore
MercerEast Windsor Township09Vandana Mathur
MercerEast Windsor Township09Oscar Guerrero
MercerEast Windsor Township10Ann Cannon
MercerEast Windsor Township10Vacant
MercerEast Windsor Township11Denise Daniels
MercerEast Windsor Township11Vacant
MercerEast Windsor Township12Mark Cohen
MercerEast Windsor Township12Dorothea Cohen
MercerEast Windsor Township13Evelyn Mccleod
MercerEast Windsor Township13John Mccleod
MercerEast Windsor Township14Lewis Meixler
MercerEast Windsor Township14Deborah Meixler
MercerEast Windsor Township15Michael Shifman
MercerEast Windsor Township15Beth Dohm
MercerEast Windsor Township16Perry M. Shapiro
MercerEast Windsor Township16Ondina Jeffers
MercerEwing TownshipRobert DorioChair
MercerEwing Township01Michael Gummel
MercerEwing Township01Maeve Ellen Cannon
MercerEwing Township02Donna Teel-Drake
MercerEwing Township02Chris Donnelly
MercerEwing Township03Mary Corrigan
MercerEwing Township03Yvette L. Rue
MercerEwing Township04Ryan Taylor
MercerEwing Township04Rodney Jenkins
MercerEwing Township05Charles Geter
MercerEwing Township05Vacant
MercerEwing Township06Beverly Dash
MercerEwing Township06Corbett Klein
MercerEwing Township07Kevin Baxter
MercerEwing Township07Vacant
MercerEwing Township08Charles L. Green
MercerEwing Township08Joseph M. Mirabella
MercerEwing Township09Abelardo Conesa
MercerEwing Township09Miguel A. Martinez Jr.
MercerEwing Township10Gregory F. Bethea
MercerEwing Township10Shirley A. Carter
MercerEwing Township11Carl A. Benedetti
MercerEwing Township11Janelle Hill
MercerEwing Township12John Maloney
MercerEwing Township12Jennifer Keyes-Maloney
MercerEwing Township13Jimmy Barnes
MercerEwing Township13Deborah Driver
MercerEwing Township14Joseph Murphy
MercerEwing Township14Joseph C. Bossio
MercerEwing Township15Melva R. Nobles
MercerEwing Township15Eva Macduff
MercerEwing Township16Walter R. Brown
MercerEwing Township16Meredith Rivera
MercerEwing Township17Michael J. Dobrowolski
MercerEwing Township17Vacant
MercerEwing Township18Bryan Steward
MercerEwing Township18Sarah Steward
MercerEwing Township19W. Allen Lee
MercerEwing Township19Mary Janet Poinsett
MercerEwing Township20Lucylle Rs Walter
MercerEwing Township20Edwin W. Schmierer
MercerEwing Township21David P. Schroth
MercerEwing Township21Jo-Ann Povia
MercerEwing Township22Grady Griffin
MercerEwing Township22Vacant
MercerEwing Township23Rachel Breccia
MercerEwing Township23Jessie Phillips
MercerEwing Township24Robert L. Dorio
MercerEwing Township24Lizette Delgado
MercerEwing Township25Vernon W. Clash
MercerEwing Township25Vacant
MercerEwing Township26Howard Evan Greenberg
MercerEwing Township26Sandra Herrington
MercerEwing Township27Laurence E. Ganges
MercerEwing Township27W. Leigh Gordon
MercerEwing Township28Bruenella Dimeglio
MercerEwing Township28Crystal A. Smith
MercerHamilton TownshipBarbara PlumeriChair
MercerHamilton Township01Fred Martucci
MercerHamilton Township01Charlene Martucci
MercerHamilton Township02Cathleen Garton
MercerHamilton Township02Megan Garton
MercerHamilton Township03Edward Pattik
MercerHamilton Township03David Smithson
MercerHamilton Township04Tyleer Wrenn
MercerHamilton Township04Vacant
MercerHamilton Township05Joseph Zalescik
MercerHamilton Township05Vacant
MercerHamilton Township06Louis Williamson
MercerHamilton Township06Joanne Palmucci
MercerHamilton Township07Vacant
MercerHamilton Township07Vacant
MercerHamilton Township08Daniel Smith
MercerHamilton Township08Vacant
MercerHamilton Township09Robert J. Conner
MercerHamilton Township09Marilyn Silverman
MercerHamilton Township10John Kemler
MercerHamilton Township10Annette Kemler
MercerHamilton Township11Gilbert W. Lugossy
MercerHamilton Township11Helen B. Lugossy
MercerHamilton Township12Joseph Bullock
MercerHamilton Township12Kelly Lynn Kerlin
MercerHamilton Township13Adrianna Cheeks
MercerHamilton Township13Vacant
MercerHamilton Township14Winslow Land
MercerHamilton Township14Carmen Benitez
MercerHamilton Township15Robert Kelly
MercerHamilton Township15Barbara Lawrence
MercerHamilton Township16Vincent J. Radice
MercerHamilton Township16Brianna Radice
MercerHamilton Township17Donald J. Ryland
MercerHamilton Township17Tennille Mccoy
MercerHamilton Township18David Hoover
MercerHamilton Township18Margaret H. Nicol
MercerHamilton Township19Robert N. Kemler
MercerHamilton Township19Mirian Kemler
MercerHamilton Township20Ronald A. Maruca
MercerHamilton Township20Theresa Maruca
MercerHamilton Township21Vacant
MercerHamilton Township21Vacant
MercerHamilton Township22Robert W. Davis
MercerHamilton Township22Helen P. Davis
MercerHamilton Township23Samuel Sparella
MercerHamilton Township23Joan M. Petonyak
MercerHamilton Township24Gary J. Iavarone
MercerHamilton Township24Christine L. Ingenbrandt
MercerHamilton Township25Vacant
MercerHamilton Township25Felicia Little
MercerHamilton Township26Michael Maloney
MercerHamilton Township26Mary L. Melendez
MercerHamilton Township27Timothy L. Bauersachs
MercerHamilton Township27Wendy Sturgeon
MercerHamilton Township28Catherine Patten
MercerHamilton Township28Jennifer Coffey
MercerHamilton Township29Larry S. Rosenthal
MercerHamilton Township29Sheri Kurdakul
MercerHamilton Township30Domenic Recine
MercerHamilton Township30Danielle Recine
MercerHamilton Township31Stanley Rudziewicz III
MercerHamilton Township31Ashley I. Wilczek
MercerHamilton Township32Jason Salvatore
MercerHamilton Township32Roseann Loforte
MercerHamilton Township33Charles Baum
MercerHamilton Township33Nicholas Vanwagner
MercerHamilton Township34Ernest Cerino
MercerHamilton Township34Michelle Lamar
MercerHamilton Township35Richard Tighe
MercerHamilton Township35Maryjane Inman
MercerHamilton Township36Frederick Dumont
MercerHamilton Township36Nina D. Melker
MercerHamilton Township37Vacant
MercerHamilton Township37Vacant
MercerHamilton Township38Catherine Garruba
MercerHamilton Township38Frances Carroll
MercerHamilton Township39Jean Curran
MercerHamilton Township39Lorraine Sexton
MercerHamilton Township40Thomas J. Walls
MercerHamilton Township40Roseann Walls
MercerHamilton Township41Matteo Belardo
MercerHamilton Township41W. Ruth Rosser
MercerHamilton Township42Ronald Bradley
MercerHamilton Township42Kate Bradley
MercerHamilton Township43Daniel Antonellis
MercerHamilton Township43Sandra Antonellis
MercerHamilton Township44Harry Schulz
MercerHamilton Township44Kimberly Esposito
MercerHamilton Township45Wayne Deangelo
MercerHamilton Township45Toni Ann Deangelo
MercerHamilton Township46Daniel Benson
MercerHamilton Township46Leanne R. Chamberlin
MercerHamilton Township47Mark P. Vanwagner
MercerHamilton Township47Joan E. Vanwagner
MercerHamilton Township48Thomas P. Giquinto
MercerHamilton Township48Marie H. Giquinto
MercerHamilton Township49Joseph A. Leist
MercerHamilton Township49Bonnie Tillery
MercerHamilton Township50Richard J. Carabelli
MercerHamilton Township50Deborah Carabelli
MercerHamilton Township51John Barnosky Jr.
MercerHamilton Township51Vacant
MercerHamilton Township52Kayla F. Cifelli
MercerHamilton Township52Stephanie Wallner
MercerHamilton Township53John F. Kroschwitz II
MercerHamilton Township53Sylvia H. Kroschwitz
MercerHamilton Township54Christopher Wilshaw
MercerHamilton Township54Eva Piotroski
MercerHamilton Township55Paolo Belardo
MercerHamilton Township55Santina Belardo
MercerHamilton Township56Paul Adezio
MercerHamilton Township56Suellen E. Adezio
MercerHamilton Township57Joseph Chiantese
MercerHamilton Township57Jennifer Glazewski
MercerHamilton Township58Samuel J. Plumeri Jr.
MercerHamilton Township58Barbara Plumeri
MercerHamilton Township59James Rogers
MercerHamilton Township59Arlene N. Rogers
MercerHamilton Township60Louis Calehuff Jr.
MercerHamilton Township60Joanne Bruno
MercerHamilton Township61David L. Jose
MercerHamilton Township61Marilyn Fontes Jose
MercerHamilton Township62Vacant
MercerHamilton Township62Vacant
MercerHamilton Township63John Lansing
MercerHamilton Township63Reka Rubin
MercerHamilton Township64Michael A. Caggana
MercerHamilton Township64Jill Moyer
MercerHightstown BoroughFrederick MontferratChair
MercerHightstown Borough01Theodore K. Siggelakis
MercerHightstown Borough01Susan Bluth
MercerHightstown Borough02Jeffrey Peters
MercerHightstown Borough02Kim Boknoski
MercerHightstown Borough03Lawrence D. Quattrone
MercerHightstown Borough03Judy A. Quattrone
MercerHightstown Borough04Glenn Allen Palmer
MercerHightstown Borough04Eugene E. Sarafin
MercerHopewell BoroughSamara McauliffeChair
MercerHopewell Borough01Paul Anzano
MercerHopewell Borough01Samara Mcauliffe
MercerHopewell Borough02Timothy Sean Jackson
MercerHopewell Borough02Heidi Wilenius
MercerHopewell TownshipAmie RukensteinChair
MercerHopewell Township01Linda Rogers
MercerHopewell Township01Vacant
MercerHopewell Township02Robert L. Greene
MercerHopewell Township02Carol M. Kleis
MercerHopewell Township03Michael Ruger
MercerHopewell Township03Amie Rukenstein
MercerHopewell Township04Vanessa Sandom
MercerHopewell Township04Lillian Nazzaro
MercerHopewell Township05Anthony S. Verrelli
MercerHopewell Township05Kristin L. Mclaughlin
MercerHopewell Township06Ray Disch
MercerHopewell Township06Louanne Hennessy
MercerHopewell Township07Kenneth Zeldis
MercerHopewell Township07Billie Moore
MercerHopewell Township08Russell Swanson
MercerHopewell Township08Lois B. Swanson
MercerHopewell Township09Grace E. Rarich
MercerHopewell Township09Vacant
MercerHopewell Township10Peter Sandford
MercerHopewell Township10Laurie Helena Bouchez
MercerHopewell Township11Julie Blake
MercerHopewell Township11Deborah H. Cook
MercerHopewell Township12John C. Belmont
MercerHopewell Township12Sandra Y. Belmont
MercerLawrence TownshipEd WiznitzerChair
MercerLawrence Township01Paul Rybinski
MercerLawrence Township01Teal Ranney
MercerLawrence Township02Christopher Bobbitt
MercerLawrence Township02Gregory J. Puliti
MercerLawrence Township03Kelvin S. Ganges
MercerLawrence Township03Helen M. Holmes
MercerLawrence Township04David C. Maffei
MercerLawrence Township04Leona Maffei
MercerLawrence Township05Scott Baier
MercerLawrence Township05Charles Tuccillo
MercerLawrence Township06Thomas J. Hester Jr.
MercerLawrence Township06Margaret T. Daniels-Hester
MercerLawrence Township07S. Leonard Didonato
MercerLawrence Township07Mark Davies
MercerLawrence Township08Ernesto Sam Carnevale
MercerLawrence Township08Antoinette Verrelli
MercerLawrence Township09William Zimmer
MercerLawrence Township09Rose Marie Zegarski
MercerLawrence Township10James S. Kownacki
MercerLawrence Township10Phyllis Lynn Kownacki
MercerLawrence Township11Edward H. Wiznitzer
MercerLawrence Township11Nancy Powers
MercerLawrence Township12Gregory Johnson
MercerLawrence Township12Robin Johnson
MercerLawrence Township13Sigmund J. Zegarski
MercerLawrence Township13Cathleen M. Lewis
MercerLawrence Township14Steven J. Groeger
MercerLawrence Township14Joann Groeger
MercerLawrence Township15John Covello
MercerLawrence Township15Paula Sollami Covello
MercerLawrence Township16Joshua D. Hendershot
MercerLawrence Township16Olympia I’Liou Perry
MercerLawrence Township17Joseph Amodio
MercerLawrence Township17Harold Vereen
MercerLawrence Township18Julia M. Leahy
MercerLawrence Township18Doris M. Weisberg
MercerLawrence Township19Lisa Flythe
MercerLawrence Township19Marcia Steinberg
MercerLawrence Township20Michael Oppenheimer
MercerLawrence Township20Sonia Das
MercerLawrence Township21Antonio Antinoro Jr.
MercerLawrence Township21Katherine Antinoro
MercerPennington BoroughNadine SternChair
MercerPennington Borough01Daniel Pace
MercerPennington Borough01W. Lee White
MercerPennington Borough02Anthony J. Persichilli
MercerPennington Borough02Nadine Stern
MercerPennington Borough03Arthur Firestone
MercerPennington Borough03Reba Holley
MercerPrincetonScotia MacraeChair
MercerPrinceton01William “Bill” Schofield
MercerPrinceton02Ross Wishnick
MercerPrinceton02Karen Prager
MercerPrinceton03Surinder Paul Sharma
MercerPrinceton03Jane Rohlf
MercerPrinceton04Molly Chrein
MercerPrinceton05Michael G. Krevitskie
MercerPrinceton05Virginia M. Lennon
MercerPrinceton06James E. Butler
MercerPrinceton08Scott Sillars
MercerPrinceton08Heather Howard
MercerPrinceton09Leighton Newlin
MercerPrinceton09Yina Moore
MercerPrinceton10David Kimmel
MercerPrinceton10Lillian Israel
MercerPrinceton11James Healey
MercerPrinceton12Andrew Koontz
MercerPrinceton12Laurie Harmon
MercerPrinceton13Adam Bierman
MercerPrinceton13Mia Sacks
MercerPrinceton14Judith Pollack Meyer
MercerPrinceton14Jose Alcantara
MercerPrinceton15Robert N. Sandberg
MercerPrinceton15Meeta Khatri
MercerPrinceton16Owen O’Donnell
MercerPrinceton16Katherine Carmichael
MercerPrinceton17Seth L. Mellman
MercerPrinceton17Kristen Renney Suozzo
MercerPrinceton18Michael Lapp
MercerPrinceton19Howard Levy
MercerPrinceton19Barbara D. Goun
MercerPrinceton20Jon W. Durbin
MercerPrinceton20Jean Y. Durbin
MercerPrinceton21Jeffrey Oakman
MercerPrinceton21Elizabeth Cohen
MercerPrinceton22Wendy Mager
MercerRobbinsville TownshipSonja WalterChair
MercerRobbinsville Township01Roland James Allen II
MercerRobbinsville Township01Alan Bookman
MercerRobbinsville Township02Gus Siggelakis
MercerRobbinsville Township02Sonja Walter
MercerRobbinsville Township03Antonio Martinez
MercerRobbinsville Township03Kathleen Crisi Hart
MercerRobbinsville Township04Desiree Daniels
MercerRobbinsville Township04Geraldine A. Salvatore
MercerRobbinsville Township05Joseph Schiavino
MercerRobbinsville Township05Bianca I. Jerez
MercerRobbinsville Township06James Freeman
MercerRobbinsville Township06Annalisa Challender
MercerRobbinsville Township07Andrew Karlin
MercerRobbinsville Township07Amber Halpern
MercerRobbinsville Township08Michael Esposito
MercerRobbinsville Township08Fizza Seehra
MercerRobbinsville Township09Thomas J. Hastie II
MercerRobbinsville Township09Noushin Kanani-Asadpour
MercerWest Windsor TownshipKristin EpsteinChair
MercerWest Windsor Township01Warren Mitlak
MercerWest Windsor Township01Tirza Wahrman
MercerWest Windsor Township02Charmi Patel-Pena
MercerWest Windsor Township02Andrea Hoberman Martinez
MercerWest Windsor Township03Patricia “Tricia” Fagan
MercerWest Windsor Township03Joey Gambatese
MercerWest Windsor Township04Thomas Calabria
MercerWest Windsor Township04Robert Eng
MercerWest Windsor Township05Andrew Romanelli
MercerWest Windsor Township05Alison Miller
MercerWest Windsor Township06David D. Chait
MercerWest Windsor Township06Corinna Bisgaier
MercerWest Windsor Township07Kathleen Decarlo
MercerWest Windsor Township07Yan Mei Wang
MercerWest Windsor Township08Daryl E. Mcmillan
MercerWest Windsor Township08Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton
MercerWest Windsor Township09Yingchao “Yz” Zhang
MercerWest Windsor Township09Jared Oberweis
MercerWest Windsor Township10Karla Ewalt
MercerWest Windsor Township10Willa Inlender
MercerWest Windsor Township11Shing-Fu Hsueh
MercerWest Windsor Township11Jacqueline Alberts
MercerWest Windsor Township12Kristin Epstein
MercerWest Windsor Township12Melanie Willoughby
MercerWest Windsor Township13Uta Steinhauser
MercerWest Windsor Township13Kamal Khanna
MercerWest Windsor Township14Sujit Singh
MercerWest Windsor Township14Manisha Singh
MercerWest Windsor Township15La Mecia Ross-Tiggett
MercerWest Windsor Township15Lori Levin-Hyams
MercerWest Windsor Township16Paul Pitluk
MercerWest Windsor Township16Andrea Pitluk