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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: David Gordon Brown, IIChair email:
Comm Email: info@monmouthdems.orgWebsite: http://www.monmouthdems.org
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

916 rows retrieved
MonmouthAberdeen01David Phillips Jr. M
MonmouthAberdeen01Patricia A. Phillips F
MonmouthAberdeen02Robert L. Swindle M
MonmouthAberdeen02Robyn Swindle F
MonmouthAberdeen04Changed party affiliation M
MonmouthAberdeen04Sherri Caruso F
MonmouthAberdeen05Stephen H. Rich M
MonmouthAberdeen05Kathleen B. Olsen F
MonmouthAberdeen06Laurence S. Silverstein M
MonmouthAberdeen06Denise J. Silverstein F
MonmouthAberdeen07Arthur S. Hirsch M
MonmouthAberdeen07Monica S. Hirsch F
MonmouthAberdeen08Gregory J. Cannon M
MonmouthAberdeen08Allison Friedman F
MonmouthAberdeen09Joseph J. Martucci M
MonmouthAberdeen09Lois A. Finn F
MonmouthAberdeen10James Lauro M
MonmouthAberdeen10Consetta V. Ellison F
MonmouthAberdeen11William G. Shenton M
MonmouthAberdeen11Jeanne Isoldi F
MonmouthAberdeen12Peter Cusumano M
MonmouthAberdeen12Randi Moore F
MonmouthAberdeen13Fred Tagliarini M
MonmouthAberdeen13Margaret M. Montone F
MonmouthAllenhurst01Deirdre E. Vignone F
MonmouthAllentown01Philip J. Meara 4th M
MonmouthAllentown02Robert H. Schmitt Jr. M
MonmouthAllentown02Alice A. Lloyd F
MonmouthAsbury Park01Darryl A. Hammary M
MonmouthAsbury Park01Sherrice Lyles F
MonmouthAsbury Park02Frank Syphax M
MonmouthAsbury Park02Moira Nelson F
MonmouthAsbury Park03Daniel A. Harris M
MonmouthAsbury Park03Nicolle Harris F
MonmouthAsbury Park04VacantM
MonmouthAsbury Park04Barbara Yvonne Clayton F
MonmouthAsbury Park05Calvin W. Anderson M
MonmouthAsbury Park05Angela Ahbez Anderson F
MonmouthAsbury Park06Samuel Berzok M
MonmouthAsbury Park06Michaela Murray-Nolan F
MonmouthAsbury Park07John W. Kaplow M
MonmouthAsbury Park07Linda D. Phillips F
MonmouthAsbury Park08Kevin J. Barron M
MonmouthAsbury Park08Lisa Boyer F
MonmouthAsbury Park09John Moor M
MonmouthAsbury Park09Jessie M. Ricks F
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands01John S. Lollos M
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands01Virginia R. Lollos F
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands02Roy Dellosso M
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands02Ellen Duda F
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands03William H. Eaton M
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands03Rhonda C. Legrice F
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands04Peter E. Donoghue M
MonmouthAtlantic Highlands04Louise I. Donoghue F
MonmouthAvon01Edward M. Neafsey M
MonmouthAvon01Patricia Q. Sheehan F
MonmouthAvon02Mary Reilly F
MonmouthBelmar01John Hutchinson M
MonmouthBelmar01Ellen T. Doman-Ramey F
MonmouthBelmar02Luis Pulido M
MonmouthBelmar02Donna Falk F
MonmouthBelmar03Michael Casserly M
MonmouthBelmar03Michelle Casserly F
MonmouthBelmar04Justin Decotiis M
MonmouthBelmar04Mary Hoehl F
MonmouthBelmar05Matthew Doherty M
MonmouthBelmar05Karen Carew F
MonmouthBradley Beach01Daniel H. Leyes M
MonmouthBradley Beach01Robyn Flipse F
MonmouthBradley Beach02Timothy Sexsmith M
MonmouthBradley Beach02VacantF
MonmouthBradley Beach03Alan Harris M
MonmouthBradley Beach03Rosemary Venter F
MonmouthBradley Beach04Stephen Lozowick M
MonmouthBradley Beach04Rona Parker F
MonmouthBrielle01Taylor Latourette M
MonmouthBrielle01Geri Jannarone F
MonmouthBrielle02Karen McGinley F
MonmouthBrielle03Kevin Neil Starkey M
MonmouthBrielle03Alexa Zupko F
MonmouthColts Neck01Christopher D. Adams M
MonmouthColts Neck01Kathryn Gizzo F
MonmouthColts Neck02Clayton L. Reynolds M
MonmouthColts Neck02Karen M. Giuffre F
MonmouthColts Neck03Matthew Jenkins M
MonmouthColts Neck03Alison DeNoia F
MonmouthColts Neck04Vinay Chopra M
MonmouthColts Neck04Jennifer Atwater-Bongiovi F
MonmouthColts Neck05Matthew R. Jenkins M
MonmouthColts Neck05Lili Ann Paras F
MonmouthColts Neck06Krishnan Gopal M
MonmouthColts Neck06Indu Gopal F
MonmouthColts Neck07Gene Mulroy M
MonmouthColts Neck07VacantF
MonmouthColts Neck08Christopher M. Claps M
MonmouthColts Neck08Rebecca Roberts F
MonmouthDeal01Marialyce Fitzgerald F
MonmouthEatontown01Albert Baginsky M
MonmouthEatontown02Allan A. Vogel M
MonmouthEatontown02Sara Breslow F
MonmouthEatontown03Patricia A. Bennett F
MonmouthEatontown04Donald Bretzger M
MonmouthEatontown04Judith M. Bretzger F
MonmouthEatontown05Michael Yurcisin M
MonmouthEatontown05Ramona McNees F
MonmouthEatontown06Jerett Sanderson M
MonmouthEatontown06Barbara Schenecker F
MonmouthEatontown07Eric Bodner M
MonmouthEatontown07Renata Bodner F
MonmouthEatontown08James D. David M
MonmouthEatontown08Angela M. Brunelli F
MonmouthEatontown09Gerald J. Tarantolo M
MonmouthEatontown09Evelyn A. Guerra F
MonmouthFair Haven01John F. Hoffman M
MonmouthFair Haven01Susan L. O'Brien F
MonmouthFair Haven02William Beausoleil M
MonmouthFair Haven02Kathleen R. Beausoleil F
MonmouthFair Haven03Cameron J. Spector M
MonmouthFair Haven03Mary Pat Gendelman F
MonmouthFair Haven04Shervyn J. Von Hoerl M
MonmouthFair Haven04Erin Howard F
MonmouthFair Haven05VacantM
MonmouthFair Haven05Marla Parker F
MonmouthFair Haven06Paul M. Ferguson M
MonmouthFair Haven06Paula Thorogood F
MonmouthFarmingdale01Patricia W. Miller F
MonmouthFreehold Br.01Roger J. Kane M
MonmouthFreehold Br.01VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Br.02Joseph P. Santonacita M
MonmouthFreehold Br.02Ellen Kane F
MonmouthFreehold Br.03Bruce Patrick M
MonmouthFreehold Br.03Joan F. Leuth F
MonmouthFreehold Br.04Siddeeq S. Blacknall-Harris M
MonmouthFreehold Br.04Rita Wilson F
MonmouthFreehold Br.05Paul McCarthy M
MonmouthFreehold Br.05Theresa M. Shwahla F
MonmouthFreehold Br.06Michael R. Wildermuth M
MonmouthFreehold Br.06Lynn Reich F
MonmouthFreehold Br.07Harry E. Burt M
MonmouthFreehold Br.07Jacqueline Glovich F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.01Dennis J. Sheehan M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.01Rose Mary Mantineo F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.02Scott Berlin M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.02Wendy Sabin F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.03Alexander Wisienski M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.03Linda Wisienski F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.04Kevin M. Dempsey M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.04Lauren Dempsey F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.05VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.05Michele L. Capriglione F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.06Joseph J. Luongo M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.06Doris Lin F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.07VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.07Rosalyn G. Perrone F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.08VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.08Dolores Y.P. Wilson F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.09Joseph H. Reilly, Jr. M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.09Jennie Jeanette Mistretta F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.10Raymond A. Raya M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.10Mary Cozzolino F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.11Jonathan H. Lomurro M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.11Heather L. Lomurro F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.12Ritesh P. Shah M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.12Jenan Agnihotri F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.13Anupam Dasgupta M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.13Margaret S. Beekman F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.14John P. Johnston M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.14Haven L. Franklin F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.15Marc Diament M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.15Patricia Medley F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.16Richard Pelaia M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.16VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Twp.17Lazaro Cardenas M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.17Kim Luxhoj F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.18VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.18Miriam Falk F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.19VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.19VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Twp.20Chris J. Sorensen M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.20Maria D. Sorensen F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.21Lloyd Alan Oppenheim M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.21Linda Oppenheim F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.22VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.22VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Twp.23Zachary Kopp M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.23Mindy Rosenthal F
MonmouthFreehold Twp.24VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.24VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Twp.25VacantM
MonmouthFreehold Twp.25VacantF
MonmouthFreehold Twp.26Raymond Santiago M
MonmouthFreehold Twp.26Mary M. Thomann F
MonmouthHazlet01Scott P. Whalen M
MonmouthHazlet01Kathleen M. Whalen F
MonmouthHazlet02Jeffrey C. Tyler M
MonmouthHazlet02Audrey R. Tyler F
MonmouthHazlet03Michael J. Christopher M
MonmouthHazlet03Mary T. Paraskevas F
MonmouthHazlet04Sean C. O'Neill M
MonmouthHazlet04Imelda M. O'Neill F
MonmouthHazlet05Daniel J. Gardner M
MonmouthHazlet05Mary Hoffman F
MonmouthHazlet06Joseph Belasco M
MonmouthHazlet06Victoria R. Rice F
MonmouthHazlet09James DiNardo M
MonmouthHazlet09Dorene DiNardo F
MonmouthHazlet10Richard Picataggio M
MonmouthHazlet10Laura O'Hara F
MonmouthHazlet11Andrew F. Bace M
MonmouthHazlet11Joan Bace F
MonmouthHazlet12Thomas J. Calabrese M
MonmouthHazlet12Ellen Faden F
MonmouthHazlet13Louis J. Pisano Jr. M
MonmouthHazlet13Lenore Robinson F
MonmouthHazlet15William H. Lawton M
MonmouthHazlet15Lillian Lawton F
MonmouthHazlet16Kevin M. Lavan M
MonmouthHazlet16Julia L. Updike F
MonmouthHazlet17Michael O'Neill M
MonmouthHighlands01Bruce M. Kutosh M
MonmouthHighlands01Patricia Zilinski F
MonmouthHighlands02Christopher Francy M
MonmouthHighlands02Dolores C. Francy F
MonmouthHighlands03John "Johni" Licht F
MonmouthHighlands04Donald Krueger M
MonmouthHighlands04Rebecca Wells F
MonmouthHolmdel01Barbara Singer F
MonmouthHolmdel02April Margolin F
MonmouthHolmdel04Argyrios Milonas M
MonmouthHolmdel04Carol Beckenstein F
MonmouthHolmdel05Laurence I. Fink M
MonmouthHolmdel05Regina M. Criscione F
MonmouthHolmdel06Lawrence W. Luttrell M
MonmouthHolmdel06Renee Luttrell F
MonmouthHolmdel08Anthony M. Orsini M
MonmouthHolmdel08Patricia A. Teffenhart F
MonmouthHolmdel09Henry C. Bauer M
MonmouthHolmdel09Kathleen D. Bauer F
MonmouthHolmdel10Robert Gengerke M
MonmouthHolmdel10Angela Lomangino F
MonmouthHowell01Vinh T. Vu M
MonmouthHowell01Mai Uyen T. Nguyen F
MonmouthHowell02Kevin Scott M
MonmouthHowell02Rebecca B. Scott F
MonmouthHowell03Marc Parisi M
MonmouthHowell03Sandra Parisi F
MonmouthHowell04Bruce Goldberg M
MonmouthHowell04Marguerita Dentino F
MonmouthHowell05Joseph Tate M
MonmouthHowell05Jerzieann Coppola F
MonmouthHowell06Charles D. Edelman M
MonmouthHowell06Suzanne Wolff F
MonmouthHowell07William Kaminski M
MonmouthHowell07Sarah L. Ralston F
MonmouthHowell08Linda A. Daniello F
MonmouthHowell10Valerie MacFie F
MonmouthHowell12Jerry Dixel M
MonmouthHowell12Barbara Dixel F
MonmouthHowell13Janis H. Iwanyk F
MonmouthHowell15Timothy J. Konopka M
MonmouthHowell15Tiffany Kaszuba F
MonmouthHowell16Devin Lombardi M
MonmouthHowell16Monica Coluccio F
MonmouthHowell17Meagan R. Glaser F
MonmouthHowell18Scott Jeffrey M
MonmouthHowell19Joseph A. Montella M
MonmouthHowell19Aza Uguumursaikhan F
MonmouthHowell20Gary Broitman M
MonmouthHowell20Catherine Broitman F
MonmouthHowell21Marianne Cocuzza F
MonmouthHowell22William H. Field M
MonmouthHowell22Susan E.O. Field F
MonmouthHowell23Gabriella Gugliotta-Comes F
MonmouthHowell24John Bonevich M
MonmouthHowell24Janine Bonevich F
MonmouthHowell25Jessica Burkholder F
MonmouthHowell26Paul Osborne M
MonmouthHowell26Joan M. Osborne F
MonmouthHowell27Susan Needle Vitale F
MonmouthHowell28Steven A. Farkas M
MonmouthHowell28Joan Butcher-Farkas F
MonmouthHowell29Robert J. Lerner M
MonmouthHowell31James P. Moran M
MonmouthHowell31Brandi N. Moran F
MonmouthHowell32Cochise Doucette M
MonmouthHowell32Ashley E. Doucette F
MonmouthInterlaken01Robert R. Napoli M
MonmouthInterlaken01Margaret A. Maloney F
MonmouthKeansburg01Matthew C. Kitchen M
MonmouthKeansburg01Dianne Kehoe F
MonmouthKeansburg02Gregory J. Siciliano M
MonmouthKeansburg02Melissa Fera F
MonmouthKeansburg03David Cabrera M
MonmouthKeansburg03Deborah A. Keelen F
MonmouthKeansburg05Raymond E. Heuer M
MonmouthKeansburg05Katharine E. Rahner F
MonmouthKeansburg06Marie A. Jimenez F
MonmouthKeyport01Allen R. Hudson 2ndM
MonmouthKeyport01Christian A. Bolte F
MonmouthKeyport02Robert J. Bergen M
MonmouthKeyport02Kelly Ann Bergen F
MonmouthKeyport03Kevin Graham M
MonmouthKeyport03Mary E. Zwingraf F
MonmouthKeyport04Dennis F. Fotopoulos M
MonmouthKeyport04Eileen Koutnik-Fotopoulos F
MonmouthKeyport05Paul B. McKeefry M
MonmouthKeyport05Jennifer A. Henning F
MonmouthKeyport06Morris Goldman M
MonmouthKeyport06Natalie Smith F
MonmouthLake Como01Kevin Higgins M
MonmouthLake Como01Marlene P. Ryan F
MonmouthLittle Silver01Matthew M. Cohen M
MonmouthLittle Silver01Amy R. Eklof F
MonmouthLittle Silver02VacantM
MonmouthLittle Silver02Zuleika Rosado F
MonmouthLittle Silver03Michael McGann M
MonmouthLittle Silver03Eileen McGann F
MonmouthLittle Silver04Kevin J. Akey M
MonmouthLittle Silver04Bonnie W. Akey F
MonmouthLittle Silver05Kirby D. Rekedal M
MonmouthLittle Silver05Susan M. Rekedal F
MonmouthLittle Silver06Christopher B. Healy M
MonmouthLittle Silver06Rachael Rennert F
MonmouthLittle Silver07Arthur Firman M
MonmouthLittle Silver07Lori A. Markoff F
MonmouthLoch Arbour01Paul V. Fernicola M
MonmouthLoch Arbour01Margot Howe-Fernicola F
MonmouthLong Branch01Frank Pallone Jr. M
MonmouthLong Branch01Lesley Poch F
MonmouthLong Branch02Paul D. Rance M
MonmouthLong Branch02Patricia K. Rance F
MonmouthLong Branch03David A. Brown M
MonmouthLong Branch03Bonita Potter F
MonmouthLong Branch04Louis J. Pullano M
MonmouthLong Branch04Loretta K. Pullano F
MonmouthLong Branch05Mladen Czund M
MonmouthLong Branch05Lois J. Chick F
MonmouthLong Branch06Raffaele Ciambrone M
MonmouthLong Branch06Anita Clavering F
MonmouthLong Branch07Walter E. Pfistner M
MonmouthLong Branch07Kathy M. Pfistner F
MonmouthLong Branch08Bryan Alintoff M
MonmouthLong Branch08Celia D. Giglio F
MonmouthLong Branch09John James Pallone M
MonmouthLong Branch09Dawn M. Rebscher F
MonmouthLong Branch10Douglas Weaver M
MonmouthLong Branch10Kathleen E. Vignolini F
MonmouthLong Branch11VacantM
MonmouthLong Branch11VacantF
MonmouthLong Branch12VacantM
MonmouthLong Branch12Gwendolyn M. Dickson F
MonmouthLong Branch13Fakhir A. Lamberson M
MonmouthLong Branch13Brenda Bouldin F
MonmouthLong Branch14Avery W. Grant M
MonmouthLong Branch14VacantF
MonmouthLong Branch15Joseph Ciaglia M
MonmouthLong Branch15Julia Ciaglia F
MonmouthLong Branch16Alphonso Jelks Sr. M
MonmouthLong Branch16Beulah M. Jelks F
MonmouthLong Branch17Donald S. Riley M
MonmouthLong Branch17Aleathea E. Riley F
MonmouthManalapan01John Alfano M
MonmouthManalapan03Shirley L. Spodak F
MonmouthManalapan04Ellen I. Stein F
MonmouthManalapan05David Goldstein M
MonmouthManalapan05Laura Itzkowitz F
MonmouthManalapan06Kathleen Williams F
MonmouthManalapan07Lawrence J. Furman M
MonmouthManalapan07Gayle Hershcopf F
MonmouthManalapan08Michael R. Burns M
MonmouthManalapan08Kristy T. Burns F
MonmouthManalapan09Matthew Scherer M
MonmouthManalapan09Lynn Scherer F
MonmouthManalapan10Amelia M. Rendeiro F
MonmouthManalapan12Richard DaGosta M
MonmouthManalapan12Francee Tendler F
MonmouthManalapan14Courtney M. Lesser F
MonmouthManalapan16Jaydip C. Panchal M
MonmouthManalapan16Lauren Friedman F
MonmouthManalapan17Richard Aaronson M
MonmouthManalapan17Rebecca Aaronson F
MonmouthManalapan18Asim Chaudhary M
MonmouthManalapan18Ayesh Chaudhary F
MonmouthManalapan20Allison I. Kaplan F
MonmouthManalapan21Adam S. Weiss M
MonmouthManalapan21Jamie A. Weiss F
MonmouthManalapan23Mark Eiger M
MonmouthManalapan23Robin Nowicki F
MonmouthManalapan25Adam S. Krupnick M
MonmouthManalapan25Jennifer D. Fluharty F
MonmouthManalapan26William Hilferty M
MonmouthManalapan26Michaela Boneva F
MonmouthManalapan27Edward S. Fisher M
MonmouthManalapan27Iris Schillen F
MonmouthManasquan01Joseph W. Bossone M
MonmouthManasquan01Patricia A. Bossone F
MonmouthManasquan03James Walsh M
MonmouthManasquan03Marianne Rupertus F
MonmouthMarlboro01Michael J. Scalea M
MonmouthMarlboro01Sui M. Ho F
MonmouthMarlboro02Steven P. Sukel M
MonmouthMarlboro02Marla L. Sukel F
MonmouthMarlboro03Randi Marder F
MonmouthMarlboro04Kahil Mitwally M
MonmouthMarlboro04Magda S. Mitwally F
MonmouthMarlboro06Joel Mandelbaum M
MonmouthMarlboro06Frances N. Bauman F
MonmouthMarlboro08Lawrence Rosen M
MonmouthMarlboro08Shari Rosen F
MonmouthMarlboro09George Pometti M
MonmouthMarlboro09Huimin Shen F
MonmouthMarlboro11Jeffrey A. Cantor M
MonmouthMarlboro11Ava M. Cantor F
MonmouthMarlboro13Ricardo J. Braz M
MonmouthMarlboro13Lucille C. Braz F
MonmouthMarlboro14Stanley P. Fox M
MonmouthMarlboro14Carol L. Fox F
MonmouthMarlboro15Isabel Jacob F
MonmouthMarlboro16Sheharyar Hasan M
MonmouthMarlboro19Lucas S. Franco M
MonmouthMarlboro19Lynn M. Franco F
MonmouthMarlboro20Robert R. Salman M
MonmouthMarlboro20Reva Salman F
MonmouthMarlboro21Jerome Sovelove M
MonmouthMarlboro21Carol Mazzola F
MonmouthMarlboro22Alon Solon M
MonmouthMarlboro23Joseph D. Castellucci M
MonmouthMarlboro24Saradha Kasi F
MonmouthMarlboro26Michael S. Shapiro M
MonmouthMarlboro26Robyn Robbins F
MonmouthMarlboro27Jonathan Hornik M
MonmouthMatawan01Nicolas Reeve M
MonmouthMatawan01Claire Keddie F
MonmouthMatawan02Brian Livesey M
MonmouthMatawan02Alexis Livesey F
MonmouthMatawan03Timothy Moran M
MonmouthMatawan03Bonnie Moran F
MonmouthMatawan04Michael T. Sporer M
MonmouthMatawan04Kathleen A. Sporer F
MonmouthMatawan05Robert T. Bunyon M
MonmouthMatawan05Lynda McLean F
MonmouthMatawan06Todd Gunn M
MonmouthMatawan06Deana Gunn F
MonmouthMiddletown01James Gregory Gibadlo M
MonmouthMiddletown01Tricia O. Maguire F
MonmouthMiddletown02James Grenafege M
MonmouthMiddletown02Christine M. Giaimo F
MonmouthMiddletown03Matthew W. Dender M
MonmouthMiddletown03Kelly D. Dender F
MonmouthMiddletown04Paul J. Jansen M
MonmouthMiddletown04Ester Carballo-Jane F
MonmouthMiddletown05Roger J. Foss M
MonmouthMiddletown07Benjamin D. Ascone M
MonmouthMiddletown07Marilyn A. Ascone F
MonmouthMiddletown08Francis X. Robinson Jr. M
MonmouthMiddletown09Donald J. Hager M
MonmouthMiddletown09Roxanne C. Judice F
MonmouthMiddletown10Sean F. Byrnes M
MonmouthMiddletown10Marguerite Stocker F
MonmouthMiddletown11Dora Crisafulli F
MonmouthMiddletown12Robert I. Erickson M
MonmouthMiddletown12Mercedes Barnek F
MonmouthMiddletown13Jason Guzik M
MonmouthMiddletown13Chiarina Guzik F
MonmouthMiddletown14Janet F. Moscuzza F
MonmouthMiddletown15Keith Doll M
MonmouthMiddletown16Donald R. Watson M
MonmouthMiddletown16Julia S. Dasaro-Drescher F
MonmouthMiddletown17Michael Sidey M
MonmouthMiddletown18Pamela J. Smith F
MonmouthMiddletown19John Britton M
MonmouthMiddletown19Rosemary Tafaro F
MonmouthMiddletown20Devin K. Carrick F
MonmouthMiddletown21Andrew S. Butzko M
MonmouthMiddletown21Sharon Goodman F
MonmouthMiddletown22John R. Patrouch M
MonmouthMiddletown22Deborah V. Patrouch F
MonmouthMiddletown23Deborah L. Wright F
MonmouthMiddletown25Carol R. Fowler F
MonmouthMiddletown26David R. Costanzo M
MonmouthMiddletown28Pauline C. Hynes F
MonmouthMiddletown29Heino Habeck M
MonmouthMiddletown29Mary F. Foster-Schoales F
MonmouthMiddletown30Steven H. Lewis M
MonmouthMiddletown30Patricia K. Dillon F
MonmouthMiddletown31Leo C. Decker M
MonmouthMiddletown31Susan Decker F
MonmouthMiddletown32Charles Fallon M
MonmouthMiddletown32Eleanor Fallon F
MonmouthMiddletown33Irvin B. Beaver Jr. M
MonmouthMiddletown34Beverly J. Scarano F
MonmouthMiddletown35Matthew D. Morehead M
MonmouthMiddletown35Linda S. Baum F
MonmouthMiddletown37Michael Morris M
MonmouthMiddletown37Mary J. Fabiano F
MonmouthMiddletown38Courtney M. Kling F
MonmouthMiddletown39John Crowe M
MonmouthMiddletown39Alisa R. Crowe F
MonmouthMiddletown40Seth Gerchberg M
MonmouthMiddletown40June Haran F
MonmouthMiddletown41Kevin J. Daly M
MonmouthMiddletown41Clare Tyluki-McIntosh F
MonmouthMiddletown42Jan W. Dash M
MonmouthMiddletown42Claire T. Garland F
MonmouthMiddletown43Vincent Mazza M
MonmouthMiddletown43Deborah Alfano F
MonmouthMiddletown44Joel E. Smith M
MonmouthMiddletown44Mary E. Mahoney F
MonmouthMiddletown45Gregory M. Loder M
MonmouthMiddletown45Alison M. Loder F
MonmouthMiddletown46Wai C. Chan M
MonmouthMiddletown46Danielle M. Walsh F
MonmouthMillstone01Raymond D. Dothard Jr. M
MonmouthMillstone01Veverly Wyche F
MonmouthMillstone02Jennifer Meyer-Mahoney F
MonmouthMillstone04David H. Lande M
MonmouthMillstone04Lisa A. Lande F
MonmouthMillstone05Jose D. Roman M
MonmouthMillstone05Jennifer F. Roman F
MonmouthMillstone06Thomas F. Cantalice M
MonmouthMillstone06Dee M. Cantalice F
MonmouthMillstone07J. Michael Diehl M
MonmouthMillstone07Rosalind C. Ressner F
MonmouthMonmouth Beach01VacantM
MonmouthMonmouth Beach01Sandra S. VanSant F
MonmouthMonmouth Beach02VacantM
MonmouthMonmouth Beach02VacantF
MonmouthNeptune City01Corlies Chong M
MonmouthNeptune City01Donna Susino F
MonmouthNeptune City02John J. Pietrunti M
MonmouthNeptune City02Kimberly Burns F
MonmouthNeptune City03Robert W. Johnson II M
MonmouthNeptune City03Maria Christina Kocsis F
MonmouthNeptune City04Juan Luis Strazdas M
MonmouthNeptune City04Kelly A. Strazdas F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.01Paul J. Dunlap M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.01Anne L. Gunderson F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.02Paul R. Ristow M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.02Carol M. Bernard F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.03James M. McNamara M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.03Carolyn J. Rizzo F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.04Richard Ambrosio M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.04VacantF
MonmouthNeptune Twp.05James Mowczan M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.05Janet L. Van Rooy F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.06James M. Monroe M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.06VacantF
MonmouthNeptune Twp.07Jock E. York M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.07Tassie D. York F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.08William A. Jones M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.08Beverly J. Holland F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.09Todd A. Puryear M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.09Malinda M. Hutchinson F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.10Kevin McMillan M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.10Renee McMillan F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.11David Terry M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.11Winifred P. Johnson F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.12Eric Houghtaling M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.12Ava S. Johnson F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.13James W. Manning Jr.M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.13Lori A. Manning F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.14Robert Lane Jr. M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.14Heather E. Lane F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.15James W. Manning M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.15Kelly M. Manning F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.16Joseph W. Halifko IIIM
MonmouthNeptune Twp.16Doreen Stanislaw F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.17Kevin L. Puryear M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.17June E. Fallon F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.18Michael Brantley M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.18Joyce A. Bradley F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.19Keith Cafferty M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.19Linda M. Johnson F
MonmouthNeptune Twp.20Alonzo J.C. Wright M
MonmouthNeptune Twp.20Sharon G. Harris F
MonmouthOcean03Donald Yacavone M
MonmouthOcean03Margaret Donlon F
MonmouthOcean04Edward D. Difiglia M
MonmouthOcean04Catherine Difiglia F
MonmouthOcean05Terrence J. Davis M
MonmouthOcean05Kathleen M. Maher F
MonmouthOcean06Sean Cuffe M
MonmouthOcean06Kristina Fallon Tomaino F
MonmouthOcean07Michael J. Cioffi M
MonmouthOcean07Sylvia Sylvia-Cioffi F
MonmouthOcean08Robert S. Karasic M
MonmouthOcean08Ann D. Karasic F
MonmouthOcean09Kenneth W. Johnson M
MonmouthOcean09Mary T. Johnson F
MonmouthOcean10Geoffrey R. Sadwith M
MonmouthOcean10Hannelore Sadwith F
MonmouthOcean11Anthony H. Fusco M
MonmouthOcean11Irene Gilman F
MonmouthOcean12Charles Baer M
MonmouthOcean12Judith Baer F
MonmouthOcean14Warren B. Goode M
MonmouthOcean14Joan Goode F
MonmouthOcean16John J. Duthie M
MonmouthOcean16Elizabeth E. Duthie F
MonmouthOcean17Lindsey Siegle M
MonmouthOcean17Theresa Siegle F
MonmouthOcean18Steven M. Clayton M
MonmouthOcean18Marissa N. Lambert F
MonmouthOcean19Michael Beson M
MonmouthOcean19Karen Beson F
MonmouthOcean20Yavuz Ozkan M
MonmouthOcean20Allison Ozkan F
MonmouthOcean21John F. Fuller M
MonmouthOcean21Janice G. Fuller F
MonmouthOcean22Oluwatobi Omotoso M
MonmouthOcean22Alona Zunger F
MonmouthOceanport01Mandeep Sikand M
MonmouthOceanport01Karen Sikand F
MonmouthOceanport02Michael Kogut M
MonmouthOceanport03Anna-Marta A. Visky F
MonmouthOceanport04John D'Amico Jr. M
MonmouthOceanport04Ilene B. Skolnik F
MonmouthOceanport05Erin F. Theriault F
MonmouthRed Bank01Edward J.P. Zipprich M
MonmouthRed Bank01Remedios A. Quiroz F
MonmouthRed Bank02Richard Angowski M
MonmouthRed Bank02Patricia Pinto F
MonmouthRed Bank03Bruce Maida M
MonmouthRed Bank03Kathleen A. Horgan F
MonmouthRed Bank04Hazim Yassin M
MonmouthRed Bank04Barbara Boas F
MonmouthRed Bank05Boris B. Kofman M
MonmouthRed Bank05Kathleen Hakim F
MonmouthRed Bank06Jesse L. Garrison M
MonmouthRed Bank06Vanessa E. Blychanton F
MonmouthRed Bank07Frederick J. Stone M
MonmouthRed Bank07Lauren A. Nicosia F
MonmouthRed Bank08Michael K. Ballard M
MonmouthRed Bank08Rosemarie Sestito F
MonmouthRed Bank09VacantM
MonmouthRed Bank09Dorothy Davis F
MonmouthRoosevelt01Michael B. Hamilton M
MonmouthRoosevelt01Peggy Malkin F
MonmouthRumson01Zachary Misch M
MonmouthRumson01Nancy O'Neal-Gagnon F
MonmouthRumson02Joseph Silvestro M
MonmouthRumson02Susan J. Boyce F
MonmouthRumson03John Gangi M
MonmouthRumson03Jennifer J. Eckhoff F
MonmouthRumson04Cary W. Dym M
MonmouthRumson05Russell J. Montalbano M
MonmouthRumson05Sarah R. Orsay F
MonmouthRumson06Joshua W. Welle M
MonmouthSea Bright01Charlie Rooney IIIM
MonmouthSea Bright01Carol W. Murphy F
MonmouthSea Bright02Robert J. Long M
MonmouthSea Bright02Susana Markson F
MonmouthSea Girt01Daniel Finn M
MonmouthSea Girt01Kelli Finn F
MonmouthSea Girt02Joshua E. Hodes M
MonmouthSea Girt02Katherine H. Hodes F
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.01Russell P. Goldman M
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.01Sherry A. Kosberg F
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.02Stuart E. Minis M
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.02Georgia Blair F
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.03Hans Zweerink M
MonmouthShrewsbury Br.03Norma Rosenbloom F
MonmouthShrewsbury Twp.01Edward P. Nolan M
MonmouthShrewsbury Twp.01VacantF
MonmouthSpring Lake01Robert K. Drasheff M
MonmouthSpring Lake01Syd Whalley F
MonmouthSpring Lake02Gary G. Ciliberto M
MonmouthSpring Lake02Jennifer Naughton F
MonmouthSpring Lake03Eugene Pugliese M
MonmouthSpring Lake03Nancy J. Pugliese F
MonmouthSpring Lake04Joseph C. Rizzo M
MonmouthSpring Lake04Priscilla M. Reilly F
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights01Thomas P. O'Brien M
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights01Lisa A. Ball-O'Brien F
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights02Thomas M. Vorbach M
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights02Eileen J. Eilenberger F
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights03VacantM
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights03Elizabeth Stader F
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights04Fredric Manger II M
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights04Ellen M. Manger F
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights05VacantM
MonmouthSpring Lake Heights05Catherine Nealon F
MonmouthTinton Falls01VacantM
MonmouthTinton Falls01Donna Walters F
MonmouthTinton Falls02VacantM
MonmouthTinton Falls02VacantF
MonmouthTinton Falls03Lester Mallet M
MonmouthTinton Falls03Amy Mallet F
MonmouthTinton Falls04Mahesh S. Patel M
MonmouthTinton Falls04Sonya Loefflad F
MonmouthTinton Falls05Mitchell Kulberg M
MonmouthTinton Falls05Audrey M. Kulberg F
MonmouthTinton Falls06Frank J. Valentino M
MonmouthTinton Falls06Nancy Markalunas F
MonmouthTinton Falls07Joel D. Natter M
MonmouthTinton Falls07VacantF
MonmouthTinton Falls08VacantM
MonmouthTinton Falls08Tracy A. Buckley F
MonmouthTinton Falls09Thomas L. Yaccarino M
MonmouthTinton Falls09Ketsia Beaubrun F
MonmouthTinton Falls10Rezwan Ahmed M
MonmouthTinton Falls10Pamela J. Herzenberg F
MonmouthTinton Falls11Edward F. Sullivan M
MonmouthTinton Falls11Anne Freedman F
MonmouthTinton Falls12Wayne H. Steadman M
MonmouthTinton Falls12Denise Amitrani F
MonmouthTinton Falls13VacantM
MonmouthTinton Falls13Linda K. Zucaro F
MonmouthTinton Falls14Raymond Karaty M
MonmouthTinton Falls14Shirley Karaty F
MonmouthTinton Falls15VacantM
MonmouthTinton Falls15Natalie S. Watson F
MonmouthUnion Beach01Alexander J. Dannecker M
MonmouthUnion Beach01VacantF
MonmouthUnion Beach02Kenneth G. Connors M
MonmouthUnion Beach02Kathleen M. Termecz-McCormack F
MonmouthUnion Beach03VacantM
MonmouthUnion Beach03VacantF
MonmouthUnion Beach04VacantM
MonmouthUnion Beach04VacantF
MonmouthUnion Beach05VacantM
MonmouthUnion Beach05VacantF
MonmouthUpper Freehold01VacantM
MonmouthUpper Freehold01VacantF
MonmouthUpper Freehold02VacantM
MonmouthUpper Freehold02VacantF
MonmouthUpper Freehold03VacantM
MonmouthUpper Freehold03VacantF
MonmouthUpper Freehold04Elliot J. Wiesner M
MonmouthUpper Freehold04VacantF
MonmouthW. Long Branch01Mark Engel M
MonmouthW. Long Branch01Melanie M. Engel F
MonmouthW. Long Branch02VacantM
MonmouthW. Long Branch02VacantF
MonmouthW. Long Branch03VacantM
MonmouthW. Long Branch03VacantF
MonmouthW. Long Branch04VacantM
MonmouthW. Long Branch04VacantF
MonmouthW. Long Branch05VacantM
MonmouthW. Long Branch05VacantF
MonmouthW. Long Branch06Timothy A. Knotts M
MonmouthW. Long Branch06Beth H. Weston-Knotts F
MonmouthWall01Willam Connolly M
MonmouthWall01Allison Connolly F
MonmouthWall02Kevin P. Entwistle M
MonmouthWall02Elise Georgette Rogers F
MonmouthWall03Brendan Hodnett M
MonmouthWall03Kristen Hodnett F
MonmouthWall04Richard P. Lomurro M
MonmouthWall04Kacie Rettig F
MonmouthWall05Jamieson Brewster M
MonmouthWall05Christine Mickey Brewster F
MonmouthWall06Adam Hayek Sr.M
MonmouthWall06Rachel Hayek F
MonmouthWall07Douglas G. Sacks M
MonmouthWall07Alena Sacks F
MonmouthWall08Robert J. Andrews M
MonmouthWall08Bryn Magee F
MonmouthWall09Eric D. Brophy M
MonmouthWall09Elaine M. Brophy F
MonmouthWall10Andrew B. Tufts M
MonmouthWall10Maureen Ramina F
MonmouthWall11Adam Steuerman M
MonmouthWall11Jessica Steuerman F
MonmouthWall12Colin Ehlert M
MonmouthWall12Diane Valvo F
MonmouthWall13David J. Fretz M
MonmouthWall13Diane L. Vaughn-Lane F
MonmouthWall14Dharmesh Parikh M
MonmouthWall14Eden Melmed F
MonmouthWall15Gary M. Faraci M
MonmouthWall15Linda Edmonds-Faraci F
MonmouthWall16Kathleen Wilhelm F
MonmouthWall17Robert Hodnett M
MonmouthWall18Thomas Coyle M
MonmouthWall18Lorraine Walsh F
MonmouthWall19Christian Albrecht M
MonmouthWall19Lauren Albrecht F