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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: Chip RobinsonChair email:
Comm Email: info@morrisdems.orgWebsite: https://morrisdems.org
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

809 rows retrieved
MorrisBoonton Township01
MorrisBoonton Township01
MorrisBoonton Township02
MorrisBoonton Township02
MorrisBoonton Township03
MorrisBoonton Township03
MorrisBoonton Township04
MorrisBoonton Township04Leo R BoerstoelCCM
MorrisBoonton Township05
MorrisBoonton Township05Molly L GimbelCCF
MorrisButler Borough01John W Honsberger Jr.CCN
MorrisButler Borough01Jamie Marie T TacinelliCCN
MorrisButler Borough02Kellie J DavidsonCC/MC N
MorrisButler Borough02Sean D DavidsonCCN
MorrisButler Borough03Michael A GibbonsCCM
MorrisButler Borough03Eleanor D UrciuoliCCN
MorrisButler Borough04
MorrisButler Borough04Felicia M CampeanuCCF
MorrisButler Borough05Robert M PodstawskiCCN
MorrisButler Borough05Robin M SeifertCCN
MorrisChatham Borough01D Diana RamoCCN
MorrisChatham Borough01Herbert L RamoCCN
MorrisChatham Borough02Beverly T KlepperCCF
MorrisChatham Borough02Jonathan E WilcoxCCM
MorrisChatham Borough03Patricia SoteropoulosCC/MC N
MorrisChatham Borough03Gregory J XikesCCM
MorrisChatham Borough04Nicholas C EckCCN
MorrisChatham Borough04Priscilla R MikulewiczCCF
MorrisChatham Borough05Karen M KoronkiewiczCCN
MorrisChatham Borough05Joseph W TreloarCCM
MorrisChatham Borough06Carolyn DempseyCCN
MorrisChatham Borough06Thaddeus J Kobylarz Jr.CCN
MorrisChatham Borough07
MorrisChatham Borough07Anthony A TorrioniCCN
MorrisChatham Borough08Raleigh Douglas HerbertCCM
MorrisChatham Borough08Marcy WeckerCCN
MorrisChatham Borough09James W Clyde Jr.CCN
MorrisChatham Borough09Irene TreloarCCF
MorrisChatham Township01
MorrisChatham Township01
MorrisChatham Township02
MorrisChatham Township02Gregory James GilbertCCM
MorrisChatham Township03Kellie DoucetteCCN
MorrisChatham Township03Robert R HigginsCCM
MorrisChatham Township04
MorrisChatham Township04Celeste E FondacoCCN
MorrisChatham Township05Shalini B GagliardiCCF
MorrisChatham Township05Kenneth L HetrickCCM
MorrisChatham Township06Raymond M GreeveCCM
MorrisChatham Township06Ursula A VonrydingsvardCCF
MorrisChatham Township07Stacey Cintron EwaldCC/MC F
MorrisChatham Township07Brandon J MelvinCCM
MorrisChatham Township08
MorrisChatham Township08Paul H PaytonCCN
MorrisChatham Township09
MorrisChatham Township09Webster Alan LewinCCM
MorrisChatham Township10Gary M SchneiderCCN
MorrisChatham Township10Susan M SchneiderCCN
MorrisChester Borough01Carolyn Kleppe-Collins
MorrisChester Borough01Vacant
MorrisChester Borough01Ian Edwards DavidsonCCM
MorrisChester Borough01Carolyn T Kleppe-CollinsCCF
MorrisChester Borough01Stacy A StrumMCF
MorrisChester Township01Susan Desimone
MorrisChester Township01Vincent Desimone
MorrisChester Township01Susan N DesimoneCCF
MorrisChester Township01Vincent F Desimone Jr. MCCM
MorrisChester Township02Andrew Verdiramo
MorrisChester Township02Anneli Herbig
MorrisChester Township02Darcy J DraegerMCF
MorrisChester Township02Anneli Hk HerbigCCF
MorrisChester Township02Andrew J Verdiramo MCCM
MorrisChester Township03Tyrone Powell
MorrisChester Township03Chris Rapseik
MorrisChester Township03Tyrone C PowellCCN
MorrisChester Township03Christopher S Rapseik NCCN
MorrisChester Township04Caitlin Killian
MorrisChester Township04Greg Wright
MorrisChester Township04Caitlin E KillianCCF
MorrisChester Township04Gregory W WrightCCM
MorrisChester Township05Alison Schwartz
MorrisChester Township05Tom Renahan
MorrisChester Township05Thomas R RenahanCCM
MorrisChester Township05Alison N SchwartzCCF
MorrisDenville Township0101David FrankCCM
MorrisDenville Township0101Karen F FrankCCF
MorrisDenville Township0102
MorrisDenville Township0102Linda H HumphriesCCF
MorrisDenville Township0103
MorrisDenville Township0103Katherine E TaggartCCF
MorrisDenville Township0201
MorrisDenville Township0201
MorrisDenville Township0202
MorrisDenville Township0202Nicholas A JoanowCCM
MorrisDenville Township0203Kathleen M GouldCCF
MorrisDenville Township0203Nathan C GouldCCM
MorrisDenville Township0301
MorrisDenville Township0301Andrea Celeste ZeydelisCC/MC F
MorrisDenville Township0302
MorrisDenville Township0302James E PutnamCCM
MorrisDenville Township0303Robert C GrantCCN
MorrisDenville Township0303Jennifer B GreenCCF
MorrisDenville Township0401Hilary Rosenberg AdvokatCCN
MorrisDenville Township0401Jeff AdvokatCCN
MorrisDenville Township0402
MorrisDenville Township0402Stacey C MurphyCCF
MorrisDenville Township0403David G CalottaCCM
MorrisDenville Township0403Rupande MehtaCCF
MorrisDover0101Jaime H Rodriguez TorresCCM
MorrisDover0101Sandra M WittnerCCF
MorrisDover0102William M BissetCCM
MorrisDover0102Rommy A CuervoCCF
MorrisDover0103Sandra L DownsCCF
MorrisDover0103Timothy P DownsCCN
MorrisDover0201Cindy RomaineCCN
MorrisDover0201Michael J RyanCCN
MorrisDover0202Adrian Dario BallesterosCCM
MorrisDover0202Humberto QuinonesCCN
MorrisDover0203Delores ParkerCCN
MorrisDover0203Yoni A Pulgarin-OrtizCCM
MorrisDover0301Carolyn D BlackmanCCF
MorrisDover0301Edward CorreaCC/MC M
MorrisDover0302Maria F BordaCCF
MorrisDover0302Michael J ScarneoCCN
MorrisDover0303Claudia M RodriguezCCF
MorrisDover0303Mario A RodriguezCCM
MorrisDover0401Carlos A ValenciaCCM
MorrisDover0401Fanery ValenciaCCN
MorrisDover0402Maria L CamachoCCF
MorrisDover0402Ronald M CamachoCCM
MorrisDover0403Reynaldo JulveCCM
MorrisDover0403Estela M RoibalCCF
MorrisEast Hanover Township01Anna Maria CalabroCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township01Michael V CalabroCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township02Felicia A McdonaldCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township02George D Mcdonald Sr.CCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township03Carol A BoveCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township03Joseph P PannulloCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township04
MorrisEast Hanover Township04Michael MartorelliCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township05Maria A PerrelliCCF
MorrisEast Hanover Township05William J SalemmeCC/MC N
MorrisEast Hanover Township06Vincent A BoveCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township06Donna Lisa CernigliaCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township07James M CarolloCCM
MorrisEast Hanover Township07Maryann E CarolloCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township08Betty DifazioCCN
MorrisEast Hanover Township08Michael D DifazioCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough01Paul A GomperzCCM
MorrisFlorham Park Borough01Carol A KornfeldCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough02Henry Norman Mccann IiiCC
MorrisFlorham Park Borough02Jennifer S SkardaCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough03Christopher John BoyarCCM
MorrisFlorham Park Borough03Jennifer M KakaletrisCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough04Nancy J McmanusCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough04John William UptonCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough05Samuel P BaldwinCCM
MorrisFlorham Park Borough05Rebecca C CainCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough06Patricia Anne Lindridge IngberCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough06Peter George NicolasCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough07Kalin R EdrevCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough07Kathleen M LiebhauserCCF
MorrisFlorham Park Borough08Donald S AsarnowCCM
MorrisFlorham Park Borough08Bryn ShainCCN
MorrisFlorham Park Borough09John R AdenCC/MC N
MorrisFlorham Park Borough09Judith M CohenCCF
MorrisHanover Township01Jennifer L AdkinsCCF
MorrisHanover Township01Michael KinlanCCM
MorrisHanover Township02Christina DunneCCF
MorrisHanover Township02Richard A DunneCC/MC N
MorrisHanover Township03Jonathan J LernerCCM
MorrisHanover Township03Fern WolkinCCN
MorrisHanover Township04Leoncio W Estevez-ReyesCCM
MorrisHanover Township04Erin K OgaraCCF
MorrisHanover Township05Sean Michael ObrienCCM
MorrisHanover Township05Karen E PerryCCN
MorrisHanover Township06Glenn Steven SiegelCCN
MorrisHanover Township06Theresa B WertheimerCCN
MorrisHanover Township07Benjamin C LinkCCN
MorrisHanover Township07Diana E MurrayCCN
MorrisHanover Township08Robert A MayansCCN
MorrisHanover Township08Sherri MayansCCN
MorrisHanover Township09Suzanne K Gaby-BiegelCCN
MorrisHanover Township09Matthew R ThomasCCM
MorrisHarding Township01
MorrisHarding Township01Kristin ElliottCCN
MorrisHarding Township02
MorrisHarding Township02Pratibha B ReddyCCN
MorrisHarding Township03Stuart N RiceCCM
MorrisHarding Township03Amanda C RichardsonCC/MC N
MorrisHarding Township04Rhonda AllenCCN
MorrisHarding Township04Christopher L AllynCCM
MorrisJefferson01Douglas HelmstetterCCN
MorrisJefferson01Karen A HelmstetterCCN
MorrisJefferson02Thomas LloydCCM
MorrisJefferson02Christine E MalloyCCF
MorrisJefferson03Christine Marie ClarkeCC/MC F
MorrisJefferson03Christopher Darrell ClarkeCCM
MorrisJefferson04Mary E HartleCCF
MorrisJefferson04Paul Joseph HartleCCM
MorrisJefferson06Scott HartCCM
MorrisJefferson06Samiha MitwallyCCN
MorrisJefferson07Anne G AugustynCCN
MorrisJefferson07Stanley T AugustynCCN
MorrisJefferson10Gray Z HolbrookCCN
MorrisJefferson10Margaret A HolbrookCCN
MorrisJefferson11Justin R GloverCCN
MorrisJefferson12Charlotte J BayleyCCN
MorrisJefferson12Edward C BayleyCCN
MorrisJefferson13Evelyn Y Compton-PadhamCCN
MorrisJefferson14Horace Chamberlain Jr.CCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough01Nathan I NussbaumCCM
MorrisKinnelon Borough01Linda M ScullyCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough02
MorrisKinnelon Borough02Robert J VosatkaCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough03Avery HartCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough03Bernard MantellCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough04
MorrisKinnelon Borough04Marianne L DealessiCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough05
MorrisKinnelon Borough05Joseph Charles DealessiCCN
MorrisKinnelon Borough06Michelle A JohnsonCCF
MorrisKinnelon Borough06Richard A JohnsonCCM
MorrisKinnelon Borough07
MorrisKinnelon Borough07Paul I RosenwasserCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0101Jeanne M NocellaCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0101George ShanoianCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0102
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0102Kaila Taryn DwyerCCF
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0201
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0201Charles L RobinsonCCM
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0202Donald L RaymarCCM
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0202Mary Beth RaymarCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0301Robert Martin GoellnerCCM
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0301Susan D LeedsCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0302Patrick J AntonettiCC/MC M
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0302Carolyn M SchnellCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0401
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0401Tammy A MarshallCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0402Joseph L DowdCCN
MorrisLincoln Park Borough0402Eloise T HajjarCCN
MorrisLong Hill Township01Roseanne CalluoriCCF
MorrisLong Hill Township01Nirio A GarciaCCM
MorrisLong Hill Township02
MorrisLong Hill Township02Helen T PillionCCN
MorrisLong Hill Township03
MorrisLong Hill Township03Thomas E Flatley Jr.CCM
MorrisLong Hill Township04Kim M CaseCCF
MorrisLong Hill Township04Mark H SteinCCN
MorrisLong Hill Township05Alicia K ParkerCCN
MorrisLong Hill Township05Ben M SchumerCCM
MorrisLong Hill Township06Kathleen A OlearyCCF
MorrisLong Hill Township06John R StrelkoffCC/MC M
MorrisMadison Borough01Hugo A Hilgendorff IiiCCN
MorrisMadison Borough01Ann HuberCCF
MorrisMadison Borough02
MorrisMadison Borough02Marianne McconnellCCF
MorrisMadison Borough03Charles CourtneyCCN
MorrisMadison Borough03Jill A RhodesCCF
MorrisMadison Borough04Rachel F EhrlichCCF
MorrisMadison Borough04Harold M SpectorCCN
MorrisMadison Borough05David B LuberCCN
MorrisMadison Borough05Joanne H MccarthyCCN
MorrisMadison Borough06Christine S BoyleCCF
MorrisMadison Borough06Stephen J ShermanCCM
MorrisMadison Borough07Eleanor J FlaniganCCN
MorrisMadison Borough07Robert W Schriek Jr.CCM
MorrisMadison Borough08John F HeenehanCCN
MorrisMadison Borough08Christine C PrestonCCN
MorrisMadison Borough09Rachel K BarryCCF
MorrisMadison Borough09Ronald Barry DavisonCCM
MorrisMadison Borough10Denice Deflorio-KatzCCF
MorrisMadison Borough10Andrew G KatzCCN
MorrisMadison Borough11Corinne M BowenCCF
MorrisMadison Borough11Kranti K PallyCCM
MorrisMadison Borough12
MorrisMadison Borough12Maria Yvonne SlabaughCCN
MorrisMadison Borough13Alexandra M JenningsCC/MC F
MorrisMadison Borough13Ross A SnyderCCM
MorrisMadison Borough14Joseph L BalwierczakCCN
MorrisMadison Borough14Margaret C WhiteCCF
MorrisMendham Boro01David S KerrCCN
MorrisMendham Boro01Melissa YoungCCF
MorrisMendham Boro02
MorrisMendham Boro02Laura Elizabeth MontenegroCCN
MorrisMendham Boro03
MorrisMendham Boro03Deborah E WardCCN
MorrisMendham Boro04
MorrisMendham Boro04Deborah R Pollinger DolceCCF
MorrisMendham Boro05Michael E CraverCC/MC N
MorrisMendham Boro05Nancy E HellriegelCCN
MorrisMendham Township01Susan A LucianoCCF
MorrisMendham Township01Robert F MeyerCCM
MorrisMendham Township02Jennifer C DubeckCCF
MorrisMendham Township02Richard J GondekCCM
MorrisMendham Township03Diane E DinklageMCN
MorrisMendham Township03Joan D ModyCCF
MorrisMendham Township03Neil V ModyCCM
MorrisMendham Township04William LevitanCCM
MorrisMendham Township04Debra NailsCCF
MorrisMendham Township05Michael T ThompsonCCM
MorrisMendham Township05Hilary Anne WilderCCN
MorrisMine Hill Township01
MorrisMine Hill Township01Paul A ChwazikCCN
MorrisMine Hill Township02Steven P CicchettiCCN
MorrisMine Hill Township02Gale A Heiss-ColucciCCN
MorrisMine Hill Township03Gary F ColucciCC/MC N
MorrisMine Hill Township03Dina M MikulkaCCF
MorrisMontville Township01
MorrisMontville Township01
MorrisMontville Township02Venancio L FuentesCCM
MorrisMontville Township02Ellen Irene SandersonCCF
MorrisMontville Township03
MorrisMontville Township03
MorrisMontville Township04Holly M HermanCCN
MorrisMontville Township04James N MarinelloCCM
MorrisMontville Township05
MorrisMontville Township05Sarah J FoyeCCN
MorrisMontville Township06Pradipto BagchiCCM
MorrisMontville Township06Suzanne HeissCCN
MorrisMontville Township07
MorrisMontville Township07
MorrisMontville Township08
MorrisMontville Township08Michael F ObrienCCM
MorrisMontville Township09
MorrisMontville Township09David ModrakCCM
MorrisMontville Township10
MorrisMontville Township10Henry P BernsteinCCN
MorrisMontville Township11
MorrisMontville Township11Cynthia NorthCCF
MorrisMontville Township12Lucile F TulloCCN
MorrisMontville Township12Michael A VanallenCCM
MorrisMontville Township13
MorrisMontville Township13
MorrisMontville Township14
MorrisMontville Township14Linda Lewis KornreichCCN
MorrisMontville Township15
MorrisMontville Township15Daniel L GrantCC/MC M
MorrisMontville Township16
MorrisMontville Township16
MorrisMontville Township17
MorrisMontville Township17Arleen Phyllis SilverCCN
MorrisMontville Township18
MorrisMontville Township18Christine M AntalCCF
MorrisMorris Plains Borough01Joan M GoddardCCF
MorrisMorris Plains Borough01Weldon S MonsportCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough02Christina M GenestCC/MC N
MorrisMorris Plains Borough02Jason KarrCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough03Mary E PhillipsCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough03Raymond VazquezCCM
MorrisMorris Plains Borough04
MorrisMorris Plains Borough04Linda W DelapCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough05Rohit J ShahCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough05Sapna ShahCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough06Mark HecklerCCN
MorrisMorris Plains Borough06Nancy J VergaCCN
MorrisMorris Township01Melanie S HostetterCCN
MorrisMorris Township01Jonathan T RopkeCCM
MorrisMorris Township02Hector J BrownCCM
MorrisMorris Township02Jaclyn V WormannCCF
MorrisMorris Township03Ronald KimbroughCCN
MorrisMorris Township03Thelma J MckayCCN
MorrisMorris Township04Robert B DruckerCCM
MorrisMorris Township04Cecile M KentCCN
MorrisMorris Township05
MorrisMorris Township05Ingrid M DavidsenCCF
MorrisMorris Township06William V RavitzCCM
MorrisMorris Township06Lee E SchwartzbergCCF
MorrisMorris Township07Marlene T MemmerCCN
MorrisMorris Township07James T OreillyCCN
MorrisMorris Township08Alida L KarasCCF
MorrisMorris Township08Tony F Larocca IiiCCM
MorrisMorris Township09Mary Ellen DenoonCCN
MorrisMorris Township09George S QuillanCC/MC N
MorrisMorris Township10Jo-Ann GallersteinCCN
MorrisMorris Township10Peter E GallersteinCCN
MorrisMorris Township11Malcolm B Sheldrick Jr.CCN
MorrisMorris Township11Pamela SheldrickCCN
MorrisMorris Township12Daniel B KenneyCCM
MorrisMorris Township12Kerry R RiordanCCN
MorrisMorris Township13Jody MarcusCCN
MorrisMorris Township13Joshua S SaksCCN
MorrisMorris Township14Siva S JonnadaCCN
MorrisMorris Township14Jill A Stein-CollinsCCF
MorrisMorris Township15
MorrisMorris Township15Harriet GroseCCF
MorrisMorris Township16Tilly Jo EmersonCCN
MorrisMorris Township16Daniel MichaelsCCM
MorrisMorris Township17William J SistiCCM
MorrisMorris Township17Elizabeth A Vinci-SistiCCF
MorrisMorris Township18
MorrisMorris Township18Rachel LindenCCF
MorrisMorris Township19
MorrisMorris Township19
MorrisMorris Township20Shirley HolcombCCN
MorrisMorris Township20Eric J LaneCCM
MorrisMorris Township21Stephanie L EdwardsCCN
MorrisMorris Township21Sanjiv SharmaCCN
MorrisMorris Township22Ara BarsamianCCN
MorrisMorris Township22Elizabeth A HansenCCF
MorrisMorris Township23Erica A NavarinoCCF
MorrisMorris Township23Jason D NavarinoCCM
MorrisMount Arlington Borough01
MorrisMount Arlington Borough01Sheryl E CoeCC/MC F
MorrisMount Arlington Borough02
MorrisMount Arlington Borough02
MorrisMount Arlington Borough03
MorrisMount Arlington Borough03
MorrisMount Arlington Borough04
MorrisMount Arlington Borough04Joan M TyminskiCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township01
MorrisMount Olive Township01
MorrisMount Olive Township02
MorrisMount Olive Township02Ryan E CurtisCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township03James W BuellCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township03Colette M TaralloCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township04
MorrisMount Olive Township04
MorrisMount Olive Township05
MorrisMount Olive Township05
MorrisMount Olive Township06
MorrisMount Olive Township06Gray W TuttleCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township07
MorrisMount Olive Township07John G Hebble IiiCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township08
MorrisMount Olive Township08Denise C MarrsCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township09Scott R KercherCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township09Barbara E MelvegerCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township10
MorrisMount Olive Township10Robert J ClarkCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township11
MorrisMount Olive Township11Gayle D Rembold-FurbertCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township12Elaine M KatzCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township12Frederick J Katz Jr.CCN
MorrisMount Olive Township13Lloyd DeansMCM
MorrisMount Olive Township13Irene SergonisCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township13Sergios SergonisCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township14Bonnie S NiedermanCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township14Joshua J SilvaCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township15Deana M DehavenCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township15Christopher I KosakCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township16Susan E CaufieldCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township16Matthew Jay FinkCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township17Judith K DalessandroCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township17Ronald C DelarocheCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township18Robert D Oconnell Jr.CCN
MorrisMount Olive Township18Tara-Lyn OconnellCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township19Ellen M CanduraCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township19Lewis J CanduraCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township20
MorrisMount Olive Township20Gerald J GallagherCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township21Carl TruhnCCM
MorrisMount Olive Township21Dawn E TruhnCCN
MorrisMount Olive Township22La-Tonia Bonita MiddletonCCF
MorrisMount Olive Township22Raj S SinghCCM
MorrisMountain Lakes01Austin J AshleyCCM
MorrisMountain Lakes01Sara O BattyCCN
MorrisMountain Lakes02
MorrisMountain Lakes02Jennifer A SmithCC/MC N
MorrisMountain Lakes03Joshua D KirschenbaumCCM
MorrisMountain Lakes03Wendy E LivingstonCCN
MorrisMountain Lakes04Emily C KahnCCM
MorrisMountain Lakes04Joseph R McnaughtonCCM
MorrisMountain Lakes05
MorrisMountain Lakes05Richard T GrebeCCN
MorrisNetcong Borough01Robert E Hathaway Jr.CC/MC N
MorrisNetcong Borough01Rose PoloCCF
MorrisNetcong Borough02
MorrisNetcong Borough02
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township01
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township01
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township02Vivian F LaskaCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township02Jonathan C NelsonCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township03
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township03
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township04Shelley B ClarkinCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township04William J FriedmanCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township05Bruce H DowningCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township05Janice E MccarthyCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township06Paul F GiovanelliCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township06Judith D HernandezCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township07Christine S CarlsonCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township07Scott L CarlsonCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township08Carlene R CheatamCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township08Mark J RabsonCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township09Adam P GiovanelliCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township09Meredith A GiovanelliCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township10
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township10Bruce J FrigeriCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township11Jeanmarie D Dunn-KaneCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township11J Robert KellerCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township12Carol A TrappCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township12Richard E TrappCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township13
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township13
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township14
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township14
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township15
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township15Hait LeuvaCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township16Emily M PetersonCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township16Mark C PetersonCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township17Julia D PetersonCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township17Robert H PetersonCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township18
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township18
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township19
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township19
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township20
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township20Susan S MurrayCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township21Paul Joseph NajemianCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township21Joanne RichCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township22
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township22
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township23
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township23
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township24Elizabeth WykaCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township24Thomas J WykaCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township25
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township25
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township26
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township26
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township27
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township27Stephen B MandelCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township28John R VonachenCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township28Kendra VonachenCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township29
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township29Eric M Goordman Sr.CCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township30
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township30Matthew B ClarkinCC/MC M
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township31
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township31
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township32
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township32
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township33
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township33
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township34
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township34Timothy W ArnoldCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township35Jennifer J DemaioCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township35Michael A SorianoCCM
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township36Veronica M BikofskyCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township36Kevin C BurkeCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township37
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township37
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township38Gregory B ElbinCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township38Susan B ElbinCCN
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township39Lorraine SolaCCF
MorrisPar-Troy Hills Township39John E Titus IiiCCM
MorrisPequannock Township01Daniel CohenCCN
MorrisPequannock Township01Sara M OconnorCCF
MorrisPequannock Township02Megan E DempseyCCN
MorrisPequannock Township02Nicholas R DestefanoCCM
MorrisPequannock Township03Robert D Latta JrCCM
MorrisPequannock Township03Lynn PerlmutterCCN
MorrisPequannock Township04Karen S KampCCN
MorrisPequannock Township04Thomas B KampCCN
MorrisPequannock Township05
MorrisPequannock Township05Toby W GiardielloCCN
MorrisPequannock Township06
MorrisPequannock Township06Martin B WilliamsCCN
MorrisPequannock Township07
MorrisPequannock Township07Darryl M LynchCCF
MorrisPequannock Township08Deborah C DalyCCF
MorrisPequannock Township08Patrick S DalyCCF
MorrisPequannock Township09
MorrisPequannock Township09Robert J WeirCCN
MorrisPequannock Township10
MorrisPequannock Township10Salvatore A PrestiCCM
MorrisPequannock Township11Jean M GarciaCCF
MorrisPequannock Township11Matthew R GarciaCCM
MorrisPequannock Township12
MorrisPequannock Township12
MorrisRandolph Township01Ned WaldmanCCM
MorrisRandolph Township01Susan J WaldmanCCF
MorrisRandolph Township02
MorrisRandolph Township02Madeleine E PasteelnickCCN
MorrisRandolph Township03
MorrisRandolph Township03Helen JacobsonCCN
MorrisRandolph Township04Nina M DorfmanCCF
MorrisRandolph Township04Philip J DorfmanCCM
MorrisRandolph Township05
MorrisRandolph Township05Sylvia Demonte-BayardCCN
MorrisRandolph Township06
MorrisRandolph Township06Farzin M AliasgharpourCCM
MorrisRandolph Township07Yvonne A LueCCN
MorrisRandolph Township07David A ScarthCCN
MorrisRandolph Township08
MorrisRandolph Township08
MorrisRandolph Township09Leslie K MoranCCF
MorrisRandolph Township09Thomas J MoranCCM
MorrisRandolph Township10Jeanette L HernandezCCF
MorrisRandolph Township10David Anthony TimpanaroCCM
MorrisRandolph Township11Melanie SukhCCF
MorrisRandolph Township11George L TewfikCCM
MorrisRandolph Township12Francis X Dunn Jr.CCN
MorrisRandolph Township12Rosemary E LontkaCCN
MorrisRandolph Township13Henry BayardCCN
MorrisRandolph Township13Meghan LynchCC/MC N
MorrisRandolph Township14
MorrisRandolph Township14Ajay K SharmaCCM
MorrisRandolph Township15
MorrisRandolph Township15Kelly M OneillCCM
MorrisRandolph Township16Steven GoldsteinCCF
MorrisRandolph Township16Karen Joy GooenCCN
MorrisRandolph Township17Sandra R FeyCCF
MorrisRandolph Township17Charles C GuCCM
MorrisRandolph Township18Donna P HustonCCN
MorrisRandolph Township18Jon L HustonCCN
MorrisRandolph Township19
MorrisRandolph Township19John L FilibertiCCM
MorrisRiverdale Borough01
MorrisRiverdale Borough01
MorrisRiverdale Borough02Theresa M McmackinCCF
MorrisRiverdale Borough02
MorrisRiverdale Borough03
MorrisRiverdale Borough03
MorrisRockaway Borough01
MorrisRockaway Borough01
MorrisRockaway Borough02
MorrisRockaway Borough02Julia GilliesMCN
MorrisRockaway Borough03
MorrisRockaway Borough03
MorrisRockaway Borough04
MorrisRockaway Borough04
MorrisRockaway Borough05
MorrisRockaway Borough05
MorrisRockaway Township0101Jesse C EhnertCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0101Carol A MorrisCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0102
MorrisRockaway Township0102Susan Norine RoyekCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0103Lois S SackettCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0103Nicholas S WallworkCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0104
MorrisRockaway Township0104
MorrisRockaway Township0201
MorrisRockaway Township0201Kenneth R Cunningham 3RdCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0202
MorrisRockaway Township0202Joseph StamatiadesCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0203
MorrisRockaway Township0203William M SchievellaCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0204Barbara Helen OmayCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0204Douglas H RomaineCC/MC N
MorrisRockaway Township0301Salvatore T MuscoCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0301Stacy WalshCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0302
MorrisRockaway Township0302
MorrisRockaway Township0303Mabel RoyCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0303
MorrisRockaway Township0304Joseph A Havasy Jr.CCM
MorrisRockaway Township0304Maria P HavasyCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0401Jonathan Daniel SackettCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0401Lori H SackettCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0402Charles R BogusatCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0402Laura B LocklinCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0403Dean J KullmannCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0403Emily KullmannCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0404
MorrisRockaway Township0404
MorrisRockaway Township0501Thomas H CochranCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0501Amy A KolisCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0502
MorrisRockaway Township0502John J Knab 3RdCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0503David S PressCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0503Kathryn B TessadriCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0504Emanuel Neil FriedlanderCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0504Emma J TurnerCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0601Brett A KincaidCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0601Lauren M KincaidCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0602Elliot IsiborCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0602Sreedevi V MadappalliCCF
MorrisRockaway Township0603Joseph L SartiCCM
MorrisRockaway Township0603Bronwyn B SpringerCCN
MorrisRockaway Township0604
MorrisRockaway Township0604Julian Altman QuintanillaCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0101Corine E BorreroCC/MC N
MorrisRoxbury Township0101Philip R Groh Jr.CCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0102Keith W GriffinCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0102Janine Y RingierCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0103
MorrisRoxbury Township0103Ellen CastellCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0104
MorrisRoxbury Township0104Heather A ChampagneCCF
MorrisRoxbury Township0105
MorrisRoxbury Township0105
MorrisRoxbury Township0201
MorrisRoxbury Township0201
MorrisRoxbury Township0202Joanne BockCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0202Jay A YanavokCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0203Arthur R SchwartzCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0203Jill S SydorCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0204
MorrisRoxbury Township0204Carol A ScheneckCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0205
MorrisRoxbury Township0205
MorrisRoxbury Township0301Clay B StatmoreCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0301Sarah A StatmoreCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0302
MorrisRoxbury Township0302
MorrisRoxbury Township0303
MorrisRoxbury Township0303Sean K BolducCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0304
MorrisRoxbury Township0304Alicja LaskowskaCCF
MorrisRoxbury Township0305
MorrisRoxbury Township0305Brian E ConsidineCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0306Mirna S HernandezCCF
MorrisRoxbury Township0306Aaron D MarkworthCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0401
MorrisRoxbury Township0401
MorrisRoxbury Township0402Ann Thereze ColucciCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0402Brian J GoldblattCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0403Timothy Michael BurkeCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0403Ann E MauroCCF
MorrisRoxbury Township0404
MorrisRoxbury Township0404Marshall L GatesCCN
MorrisRoxbury Township0405
MorrisRoxbury Township0405Daniel H KlineCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0406Allen L EmmonsCCM
MorrisRoxbury Township0406Bernardine GreeneCCN
MorrisTown Of Boonton0101
MorrisTown Of Boonton0101Carol G MorokoffCCN
MorrisTown Of Boonton0102Richard J Corcoran IiiCCM
MorrisTown Of Boonton0102Tamra Dawn KatcherCCF
MorrisTown Of Boonton0201
MorrisTown Of Boonton0201John S Gebbia IvCCM
MorrisTown Of Boonton0202
MorrisTown Of Boonton0202
MorrisTown Of Boonton0301Kelly Louise MiniterCCF
MorrisTown Of Boonton0301Scott A MiniterCCM
MorrisTown Of Boonton0302Karen H McbrideCCF
MorrisTown Of Boonton0302William J McbrideCCN
MorrisTown Of Boonton0401David J VasaCC/MC N
MorrisTown Of Boonton0401Melanie A VasaCCF
MorrisTown Of Boonton0402James Atkinson PlaistedCCM
MorrisTown Of Boonton0402Annamarie Combs StaintonCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0101Hiliari B Davis-OyesanyaCCF
MorrisTown Of Morristown0101Matthew W MccormackCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0102
MorrisTown Of Morristown0102Nathan R UmbriacCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0103
MorrisTown Of Morristown0103Kimberly Caroline HurdmanCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0104
MorrisTown Of Morristown0104Oliver M StarnesCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0201Carl Arthur FenskeCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0201Mary Catherine PrachthauserCCF
MorrisTown Of Morristown0202
MorrisTown Of Morristown0202Toshiba Nikia FosterCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0203Kacie W SchmidtCCF
MorrisTown Of Morristown0203Michael Louis SchmidtCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0301Michael P LeavyCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0301Margaret NoonanCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0302John M CoddCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0302Maureen DenmanCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0303Maria E PhillipsCCF
MorrisTown Of Morristown0303David SilvaCCM
MorrisTown Of Morristown0401Irene T LeavyCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0401Donald William LescohierCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0402Mary E DoughertyCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0402Timothy P DoughertyCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0403David A CochranCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0403Rosary S LescohierCCN
MorrisTown Of Morristown0404
MorrisTown Of Morristown0404Emma M DavisCCF
MorrisVictory Gardens Borough01Lillie J FrazierCCF
MorrisVictory Gardens Borough01Gregory C StaffordCC/MC N
MorrisWashington Township01Julie Vaccher GoldsteinCCN
MorrisWashington Township01Neil M SzigethyCCN
MorrisWashington Township02Carol A GrobelsCCN
MorrisWashington Township02John R HoltCCN
MorrisWashington Township03
MorrisWashington Township03Ellen CollinsCCN
MorrisWashington Township04Anthony F DamelioCCM
MorrisWashington Township04Tracy Benet DamelioCCN
MorrisWashington Township05
MorrisWashington Township05Jennifer C SimonCCN
MorrisWashington Township06
MorrisWashington Township06
MorrisWashington Township07Elizabeth K GordonCCF
MorrisWashington Township07John C SheaCCN
MorrisWashington Township08
MorrisWashington Township08Kathleen M FitzpatrickCCF
MorrisWashington Township09
MorrisWashington Township09
MorrisWashington Township10Ann Marie FitzgeraldCCN
MorrisWashington Township10Thomas F FitzgeraldCCN
MorrisWashington Township11George J CollinsCCM
MorrisWashington Township11Joseph RamondiniMCN
MorrisWashington Township11Kathleen A RocheCCN
MorrisWashington Township12Larissa R Chen HoerningCCF
MorrisWashington Township12David N JonesCCN
MorrisWashington Township13Robert E AdlerCCN
MorrisWashington Township13Brenda K SheederCCF
MorrisWharton Borough01Harold Borden Kay IiiCCM
MorrisWharton Borough01Stacy A KayCCF
MorrisWharton Borough02Teresa C KerseyCCF
MorrisWharton Borough02William KerseyCCN
MorrisWharton Borough03Joseph C LoreCCM
MorrisWharton Borough03Carol E ShinnerlingCCF
MorrisWharton Borough04Susan J DavisCC/MC N
MorrisWharton Borough04John Michael MccuskerCCM
MorrisWharton Borough05Mark A CokeingCCN
MorrisWharton Borough05Mary E CokeingCCN