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Democratic Party Committee seats

The Party Committees play an important role on organizing political activities from local to national level.
The committees play also an important role with regard of how much the party is open, transparent and fair to everyone.
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party NJ Committees are not real champion on these characteristics and as such it is even very challenging to find information on their composition, bylaws, rules, meetings, discussions.
We believe that all this information should be public and publicized to encourage a larger number of residents to interact with the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The County Committees is made up of the members of the county Municipal Committees.
On this page you can find the list of committees members and when available, information like chairs, contacts and bylaws.

We encourage all residents to find out more about their municipal committee, these committees are usually small and if you are a slightly curios voter you may know someone in the committee. If you don’t know your “precinct” you can find it out here.
Every few years (depending on the county) voters elect two Municipal Committee members (one man and one woman) also called Precinct Captains. These committee members represent the voters of the precinct and as such they are accountable and should engage with their constituents. If they don’t do so, it is your right to reach out to them.
In most Municipal Committees there usually empty seats. Vacancies can be filled in by the committee, so if your precinct has an empty seat we encourage you to reach out to someone in the committee to express your interest (among the committee chair duties there is to fill in vacancies). Whether a seat is vacant or not, any precinct registered voter can run for a seat fairly easy. Legally, a candidate needs to deposit a petition with a variable number of signatures from precinct voters (typically around 5). From a practical point of view though it is pretty much necessary that you get agreement from the committee chair as, if the seat is contested your name will be placed outside of the party line (much more difficult to win).

If you are interested to run for a Committee seat, please check back this page often as we'll update it with up to date information like the petition template, how many signatures are needed and whether a petition has been filled.
With the same spirit, a progressive group in NJ08 district has created a useful detailed document about running for a Committee seat here.

CountyTownStatusNext Election
Chair: Steven CaltabianoChair email: scaltabiano@yahoo.com
Comm Email: scaltabiano@yahoo.comWebsite: http://www.salemcountynjdemocrats.org
ByLaws: ByLaws
Next Election: 2020

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SalemAlloway Township02VacantM
SalemAlloway Township02VacantF
SalemCarneys Point Township01VacantM
SalemCarneys Point Township01VacantF
SalemCarneys Point Township02VacantF
SalemCarneys Point Township04VacantM
SalemCarneys Point Township05VacantM
SalemCity Of SalemEast01VacantF
SalemCity Of SalemEast02VacantF
SalemCity Of SalemWest02VacantM
SalemLower Alloways Creek01VacantM
SalemLower Alloways Creek01VacantF
SalemMannington Township01VacantM
SalemMannington Township01VacantF
SalemOldmans Township01VacantM
SalemOldmans Township01VacantF
SalemOldmans Township02VacantM
SalemPennsville Township06VacantM
SalemPennsville Township06VacantF
SalemPennsville Township07VacantM
SalemPennsville Township07VacantF
SalemPennsville Township08VacantM
SalemPennsville Township08VacantF
SalemPilesgrove Township02VacantM
SalemPilesgrove Township02VacantF
SalemPilesgrove Township03VacantM
SalemPilesgrove Township03VacantF
SalemQuinton Township01VacantM
SalemQuinton Township01VacantF
SalemUpper Pittsgrove Township01VacantM
SalemUpper Pittsgrove Township01VacantF