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2020 Federal Congress Elections

This year (November 3rd 2020) we'll elect the President, 435 House of Representatives seats and 1/3 of the Senate seats.
Currently the Senate is 53R and 47D and the House is 196R and 233D.

New Jersey is electing one Senator (of two, representing the whole state) and twelve House of Representatives members (each one representing one NJ Congressional District).

There are a multitude of NJ local elections: Most counties elect some of the Freeholders while some elect their County Clerk or Sheriff or Surrogate.
12 counties also elect their Democratic County Committee members, a role that we consider the main bridge between citizens and the political parties.

You can see the list of NJ federal and county offices candidates here.

On this page you can see for each NJ Congressional District the 2018 elections results and voter registrations as well as the 2020 elections candidates, their primary elections votes and the latest 2020 voter registrations.

OfficeDistrictRegistered VotersBallots CastTurnout Dem CandidateRep CandidateDem Votes%Rep Votes%
President6,460,8194,672,50072.32%Joe BidenDonald Trump2,606,19255.78%1,883,00040.30%
US Senate6,473,4634,682,30572.33%Cory BookerRikin Mehta2,539,17554.23%1,816,76538.80%
US HouseCD01564,974402,82671.30%Donald W. NorcrossClaire H. Gustafson240,47759.70%144,45735.86%
US HouseCD02558,163409,90073.44%Amy KennedyJeff Van Drew173,71542.38%195,50747.70%
US HouseCD03609,969479,38978.59%Andy KimDavid Richter229,81747.94%196,32240.95%
US HouseCD04578,289463,05980.07%Stephanie SchmidChristopher H. Smith161,96934.98%254,00554.85%
US HouseCD05576,378443,54676.95%Josh GottheimerFrank T. Pallotta225,09650.75%193,32543.59%
US HouseCD06537,075385,38571.76%Frank Pallone JrChristian Onuoha199,40451.74%126,72132.88%
US HouseCD07618,621476,12176.96%Tom MalinowskiThomas H. Kean Jr.219,48946.10%214,30145.01%
US HouseCD08661,822382,49857.79%Albio SiresJason Todd Mushnick176,75846.21%58,68615.34%
US HouseCD09513,697351,69268.46%Bill Pascrell Jr.Billy Prempeh203,67457.91%98,62928.04%
US HouseCD10760,626459,94160.47%Donald M. Payne Jr.Jennifer Zinone241,52252.51%40,2988.76%
US HouseCD11653,073495,33175.85%Mikie SherrillRosemary Becchi234,32047.31%205,90441.57%
US HouseCD12520,102373,72671.86%Bonnie Watson ColemanMark Razzoli230,88361.78%114,59130.66%

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